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My last post was a little heavy- so to be a little more lighthearted, today I’m sharing with you my favorite beauty products for the month of November.

This batch of products has something for everyone- and as always, they’re sensitive skin friendly. Especially with the dryer weather we need to be babying our skin a little more!


This Rise and Shine Daily Moisture Lock from Farmacy has been my go-to morning moisturizer for the last few months. I wanted to use it for quite awhile before I shared it to make sure it was gentle on my skin- and it works SO well. It’s such a light and quick drying formula that it is perfect for daily use under makeup. And on extra-dry days I throw it on top of a facial oil, and it’s never been too greasy or made my skin feel shiny or oily. It contains skin calming ingredients that  help combat sensitivity and redness, making it perfect for my overly sensitive skin. It also helps increase collagen and firms the skin so my skin can keep looking younger, longer. It’s at a slightly higher price point, but it has literally lasted me months and months, so you definitely get your money’s worth. If you’re on the lookout for a great product for every day- definitely give this product a try! I’m thinking about trying their Sleep Tight night cream as well.


I’ve found my new favorite lip balm! This Marshmallow Cream Lip Balm from Treat Beauty is the bomb! I don’t even care if people don’t say that anymore- because it’s just that awesome! It is HUGE! This is by far the largest lip balm I’ve ever owned, but the Marshmallow taste is so amazing, I’m glad it’ll last me awhile. I’ll have a whole post dedicated to their products ASAP, but I HAD to share this balm with you. I haven’t stopped reaching for it! Bonus they use certified organic ingredients, so you don’t have to feel as bad about constantly licking it off your lips.


Pixi by Petra just sent me over this Lengthy Lash Mascara, and I’m hooked! This is my first experience with a fiber mascara, and I wasn’t sure I’d like it at first…but I LOVE it! My lashes have NEVER looked longer. It adds amazing length and volume without making me look like a clumpy mess. And it hasn’t irritated my sensitive eyes at all- which is rare for any mascara. This is definitely going to be re-purchased again and again!


Y’all know I love a good face mask- and this Instant Soothing Face Mask is GREAT for sensitive skin. I’ve heard that the 1000 Roses line from Andalou Naturals is good, but this was my first experience with this line. This mask was so gentle, but really helped with a few dry spots that I’ve been trying to get rid of over the course of this whole month. They didn’t clear up until I tried this mask a couple of times. It’s great that they come in these little single use pods so you can try them at little expense- especially since I actually got 3 uses out of this one! I’ll definitely be trying some more products from this line!


Pretty much every one of my favorites contain at least one Pacifica product. I really love this brand- I spend my own money trying all of their products, because I haven’t even once been disappointed in a purchase from them. This Power of Love Palette was no exception. Their shadows are really pigmented for a natural product, and also never irritate my eyes. Even the shimmery ones! I’ve been wearing a look pretty much using these shadows exclusively all month. It contains a wide array of colors that work with every season. Even better- I got this one half off from my local TJ Maxx. You wouldn’t believe how excited I was to find it there!


It’s REALLY hard to find an unscented body wash that doesn’t disappoint me on some level. But The Seaweed Bath Co has changed my tune. This Unscented Body Wash passes my test with flying colors. It’s unscented, but doesn’t leave me feeling stinky, and my skin still feels clean. It suds’s up nicely, and is a really thick and rich formula. Lastly, it doesn’t dry out my skin. If you’re on the lookout for a great unscented formula, give The Seaweed Bath Co. a try!

endlessbrowgelpenMy best friend complimented me on my brows the other day, and if I do say so myself, they’ve never looked better! These Endless Brow Gel Pens are perfect for subtly shading and shaping your brows. They stay in place and look so much more full. I’ll be keeping one of these in my makeup bag from here on out!

Thus ends another monthly favorites post! Have you tried any of these products- what did you think? What products have you been loving this month?


*I received some of these products in exchange for an honest review. Others were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own*

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