The Season Begins


Have you ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? It’s where the change of seasons negatively affects your mood.

I think I have the opposite…

Once Fall hits, and the crisp winds begin to blow, you can smell the leaves changing and feel them crunch under your feet. The days get shorter, Halloween comes and goes- and BOOM. Instant good mood.

Christmas is coming.

I can’t wait.

I take comfort in the cold mornings, sipping my coffee and lighting my Holiday candles. I pick out my favorite recipes. I bake lots of goodies several times a week. Some old favorites passed down for generations, and always a few new treats to try.

Our waists grow slightly rounder this time of year.

Once Halloween is over, all bets are off- Christmas music starts pouring through my speakers that very week. My son and I switch on Pandora and dance around in our pajamas to Holiday classics. I’m raising a fellow lover of the season.

Since the days seem to be shorter, you would think I’d feel more rushed, but I don’t. I savor the time home with my little guy. It’s colder, so there aren’t as many places to go. I am totally fine hanging out in our warm clothes at home, cuddling and reading. Singing and baking. Coloring and crafting. Making homemade gifts for Grandparents and sharing with him my favorite traditions.

I am enamored with the decor springing up at the stores. I can’t help but whisk us down the Holiday aisle every time we’re out. Pointing out our favorite items, and planning on how I’ll decorate my home this year. I begin cleaning and organizing and preparing spaces for my Holiday decor. Polishing and dusting, clearing out all of my shelf space. Readying my home. Making it an inviting sanctuary for friends and family. A cozy place of rest for my Husband at the end of long days out in the cold.

I can’t help but smile when the first snow falls. Preparing steamy mugs of cocoa piled high with marshmallows and bundling up to sneak away and watch it accumulate on the lawn. My fondest memories of my childhood are just like this- and I love sharing them with my little family.

You might call me Christmas crazy. And crazy I may be, but I’m happy!

The opposite of sad isn’t happy…it’s Christmas!

Anyone else with me? Any fellow lovers of the Holiday season?

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