Sick Day

Mommy's Don't Get

Here I am, cuddled on the couch underneath my heated blanket. Sipping my coffee with a box of tissues placed conveniently within reach. Trying to stave off this head cold that my toddler picked up in the church nursery, and subsequently passed down through the family.

When a Hot Wheels car hits me in the face.

Mommy’s don’t get sick days.

I asked my toddler to bring me the cough drops, and right before he reached me, he dumped them on the floor. (They’re the unwrapped kind.)

Mommy’s don’t get sick days.

I asked my son to play quietly. His response? “I DO IT LOUDER!!!”

Mommy’s don’t get sick days.

When all I want to do is sneak in some sleep. My toddler refuses to nap.

When I try to put on a movie, he screams each line at the top of his lungs.

He demands a much more complicated lunch than his usual PB&J.

He decides to pee in his underwear instead of using the potty.

Mommy’s don’t get sick days.

All I can do is count down the hours until the weekend. When, I can hopefully sneak in a few extra hours of sleep, before my toddler jumps up and down next to me in the bed, smacks me in the arm, and tells me to “GET UP MOMMY!”

Mommy’s don’t get sick days.


What are some ways you try to get better, when you’ve got a needy toddler?


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