#MomTruthMonday – Mrs. Bishop

Sometimes I feel the need to laugh at myself on this crazy parenting journey…I mean, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Amiright?

So, I’ve decided that on occasion, I’m going to declare #MomTruthMonday where I can share all of the mom truths that I’ve thought of. Because Momming is hard, and we can all use a giggle every now and again.

Here it goes- this week’s #MomTruths:

1.) No matter how dirty you are- you will always be the last on in the house to shower. Which leads to another mom truth in itself —> you will rarely get a hot shower.

2.) You will always share your food with your toddler. Even though said toddler threw an hour long fit the last time you took a bite of their food (even though they declared they were full and done eating.)

3.) For some reason, your instinct will be to automatically catch vomit with your bare hands. DON’T DO IT! It will all end up on the floor anyway…so please, spare your hands the misery.

4.) There are no calories in the food left on your child’s discarded plate. Eat up, Momma!

5.) You will not be able to remember the last time you sat down and watched a television show in its entirety.

6.) Naps become a fond, distant memory. On the days you try to attempt to nap, your children JUST KNOW, and cause some shenanigans to prevent said nap.

7.) You will start identifying with the parents in all of your favorite childhood films.

8.) You find determining whether to stay up late to have some free time, or go to bed and catch up on some (much needed!) sleep a daily struggle. #TheStruggleIsReal

9.) Sometimes you volunteer to wash the dishes, by hand, just for a few moments to yourself.

10.) At some point as a mother, you will have a total meltdown in the baby section of a store, utterly overwhelmed by all of the brand choices. (Baby food, wipes, diaper, bottles, pacifiers….)


I was going to keep going, but to not risk going on forever, I’ll leave it at 10.

What are some #momtruths you know to be true? Feel free to share them with me, and I may feature them in my next #MomTruthMonday post!

Stay tuned for more hilarious mom truths and struggles.


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