I Decided to Live in the Moment

This weekend was my son’s 4th Birthday party. We had a fun Star Wars themed party with family and friends. Yummy snacks and cupcakes that I let my little guy help me decorate. They weren’t the most beautiful, but he was so proud to share them, because he got to be a part of the creating of them.

I had planned on taking loads of pictures of the party setup. The decor, the food, and the activities I had thrown together. Planned on taking pictures of the kids playing and the present opening.

But I didn’t.

I sat my phone on the back of the counter, and left it there.

I let my son help me bake cupcakes.

I handed out food and drinks to my friends and family.

I refilled snacks and played with my nephews.

I blew bubbles and partook in lightsaber battles.

I helped my baby open his presents.

I laughed with my mom.

I teased my big brother.

I hugged grandparents.

Without the hindrance of a screen, I was able to live in the moment. My hands were free to dole out food and hold hands. My mind was clear to join in conversation. I saw smiles in real time and not through the square on my phone.

It was my favorite birthday party we’ve thrown for my little guy so far, because I ENJOYED it.

I didn’t let my need to share every second of his day with the world take over. I didn’t stress over everything looking picture perfect. I can’t remember the last time I let myself have fun at an event, because I usually sweat the details.

Put down the phone. Forget the camera. And live in the moment. The memories made will last a lifetime.


(And if you need Star Wars party ideas, check my Pinterest board. I got all of my ideas from there. Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures…)


  1. Brooke

    February 22, 2016 at 10:59 am

    sounds like a great party!!

  2. Sara

    February 23, 2016 at 1:24 am

    Happy BirthdT to your sweet guy! And how fabulous that you enjoyed it so immensely!! Isn’t it so freeing to be detached from the phone?! May you have many more phone free victories in your future!

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