Better than I Deserve

Have you ever listened to Dave Ramsey on the radio? Whenever someones asks how he is doing, he always answers the same way. “Better than I deserve.”

I’ve been feeling this way lately.

I look around at this amazing life my Husband and I have had the opportunity to build. The beautiful home, healthy little boy, this happy marriage, still so in love. And I feel so unworthy!

ME- a sinner. So undeserving of this overabundance of blessings. So unworthy of the love of a Savior. I see so many people struggling with hard things. And though our life has not been without difficulties, I sometimes feel ashamed at how well we’re doing when there’s so much suffering in the world around us. I get anxious that something terrible is going to happen because I don’t deserve this blessed existence. Then I beat myself up about feeling anxious, because things are going well. A vicious cycle. 

But,  I’m also realizing we shouldn’t feel shame about being in a good place. And I need not be anxious, because I’m loved by a good, good Father.

We need not feel bad about how we’re doing, because we can do something with it. We can bless others. Extend a helping hand. Share the wealth- and I don’t mean only in a monetary sense.

We can share our hearts and story with others. Be a blessing to those in need. Feed our friends and open our home for fellowship. Donate our time. Lift others up.

There’s no shame in accomplishing your goals and living a good life. We’ve come so far, and worked hard. Because of our blessings, we can BE a blessing.

What are some ways you are able to bless others?I want to make this a part of my story- to be a blessing whenever possible.

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  1. This Messy Season

    March 3, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Oh girl, I love this! You ARE a blessing

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