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So, I’m totally skipping St. Patrick’s Day as a crafter and going straight on to Easter. I wouldn’t really consider these “Easter Wreaths”, just more “springy” ones.
So, here goes. I made two wreaths this week, one simple one and one that I am going to call “spunky”.
The first thing I started with was a trip to the Dollar Tree…who doesn’t love that store? Everything for a dollar?!…heck yes! That’s where I picked up these supplies:
 And I just kind of threw it all together using my handy dandy glue gun…


I made a loop with some ribbon to hang it.
Glued some flowers on.


Glued some glittery eggs on the other side.
and voila! A super easy, simple wreath for my door. I love the simplicity!




My next wreath is a “spunky” wreath, it looks like it would be better suited in a little girl’s room…who knows, my niece may be getting a wreath for her room!
It started with the same trip to the Dollar Tree.


Some wrapping of ribbon.
I hot glued every few turns on the backside to make sure it stayed put.
and glued it securely to the back. I use this same spot to place my hanger on the wreath.


And did the same as before, after some trial and error she turned out like this…


I’d say spunky, yet super springy! Just what this dreary cold day needed…and it fits perfectly amongst my ugly, yet to be replaced door!
So, there it is… my Simple Spring Wreaths. I’ve been working on some more cute headbands this week, but that is another post!
And for those of you that have been keeping up- here’s a living room update…


 I bought these two things and just got them hung last night (pics to come soon!)
 finished our lil picture area.
 bought a little coat rack…


and here’s my ginormous television. (Whatever is plugged in down there is not part of the t.v.- all of our components are in the closet, which makes it super nice since they’re all put away.) We also have some stuff hung around it now too- no pics yet. I also got a few more adorable finds at TJ Maxx and Hob Lob today. I will share those ASAP….until then…
Happy Blogging!


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