A Clean Home with Murchison- Hume: Mrs. Bishop




*Disclaimer- I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

Spring Cleaning season is upon us, and I have a great All Natural, Eco-Friendly Product company to share with you; Murchison-Hume. The company was started by a mother when her son was  diagnosed with allergic sensitivities to common soaps and household cleaning products (sounds familiar).

Murchison-Hume makes Cleaning Products and Personal Care Products aimed at sensitive skinned and eco-conscious individuals like me.

I’ve been using this Counter Safe All Purpose Cleaner all over my house, and I’m hooked. It smells amazing, unlike any other cleaning product that I have ever used. It smells more like a high-end hair conditioner than a cleaner, but it also works great. I tried the Original Fig, they also have Australian White Grapefruit.



I’ve been using it on my counters, stainless steel, spray- painted chairs, tabletops, and everywhere else I can think of. It has done a great job cleaning up my toddler’s sticky messes, and hasn’t irritated my hands like traditional cleaning products.

They have a lot of great products to choose from, like this Boy’s Bathroom Cleaner, which I definitely want to try. As the only woman in the house, I know how messy those boys can be! And since it’s safe and natural, even the kiddos can help with the cleaning- BONUS!

The products are super affordable and they have the classiest labels of any cleaning product I’ve ever seen. They’d make amazing housewarming gifts  for newlyweds or first time home buyers. I love getting people cleaning products, because it’s something we all need but don’t remember to purchase until we go to clean something.

So, this year, toss those products filled with harsh chemicals and give Murchison-Hume a try. And check out their Clearance section for an even better deal- use Code JoinMH15 to save at checkout!

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