Playdates Today VS 30 Years Ago

Since 1931

The modern mom’s playdate worries stem from the playdates of our childhood. Here’s a peek into what a Playdate looks like today, as opposed to the one’s when we were children.

The morning of a Playdate today:

-Make sure the house is clean enough that it doesn’t seem dirty- but messy enough that it doesn’t look like you’re showing off. Scrub toilets and set out hand towels. Make sure there’s no dirty dishes in the sink, and that all the toys are put in their designated, labeled cubbies. Make sure the craft area is ready for the children and that each one has their own utensils and art supplies. Bonus if you make them all something personalized to take it home in. Make sure that you have some modern parenting books lying around and stow away the trashy beach novels.

The morning of a Playdate 30 years ago:

– Spray some air freshener or light a candle. Make sure there isn’t food from the night before laying around anywhere.



Snacks- Today:

-Make sure the fridge is stocked with Non GMO, organic, all natural snacks. Hide all the candy and chips so no one knows you actually consume that sort of thing. Make sure the hot dogs and frozen nuggets are placed out of view. Prepare a dairy free, grain free, nut free, sugar free, vegan friendly snack for the children. And coffee for your fellow Moms- with almond milk creamer of course.

Snacks- 30 Years Ago:

– Set out a bag of Cheetos and a pitcher of Kool-Aid (extra sugar) for the kids. The moms can help themselves to the Ding Dongs  and a can of soda, or sweet tea.




-Put your baby in a cloth diaper and insert them into their wrap carrier. Hide the bouncy seat, so no one knows you sit the baby down in front of the television. Have a craft prepared for the toddlers to do. Have classical music playing and your essential oils diffusing. Hide the children’s tablets and videogames…no one need know that they are all skilled at Angry Birds.

30 Years Ago:

-If the weather is nice, lock the kids outside and tell them to go play: climb trees, dig in the dirt, play tag, and to come back in at lunch time. Turn on the hose in case they need something to drink/a way to cool off. Sit around smoking and drinking rum and cokes with your friends. If it’s raining, turn on a movie in the other room and let them break out the Nintendo games- screen time be darned.


This is obviously meant to be funny and not meant to offend anyone. These scenarios are part fiction and partly taken from my childhood and playdates I’ve been to/hosted nowadays. We’re all guilty of being afraid of what other mother’s might think of us, and I wish there was a balance between now and then. (Minus the smoking and alcohol.) The ability to welcome other families to our home without fear of judgement, even when it’s a mess. That was something that I never once saw my mother worry about when having friends over. Never feeling the need to put on a front of perfection in front of her fellow Moms.

Times have changed, and we know more than we ever have. But, let’s not forget the simplicity of a summer spent outside with our friends, entertaining ourselves. Let’s not feel the need to entertain our children all day, every day. And to not worry if they eat a bag of chips for a snack every now and again. Remember to not let our default settings be fear and judgement. Fear of being judged, and dishing out judgement in the same breath. Let’s welcome our fellow Momma’s in our homes and embrace the mess.



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