Community – Mrs. Bishop

Yesterday I started my own Facebook Mom’s Group. ‘Mrs. Bishop’s Mom-munity’ will be a place where all different types of moms can come together and support each other in the trenches of motherhood. Where we can share our parenting highs and lows. Lift each other up when we feel like we’re failing, and give one another a high five when we experience a mom win. This mothering gig is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but also the most rewarding. And I know as a mom, sometimes we need to feel a little validation. Sometimes motherhood is lonely, especially when most of your time is spent talking to children all day. So log on and chat with your fellow Momma’s. Re-heat your cup of coffee, take a few minutes and share what you’re up to. Tell us about that great new book you’re reading (even if it’s taken you a year to get through it!) Share a great recipe that you were able to get your threenager to eat. Read a great blog post that really encouraged you? Share that too! I want this to be a judgment free safe-zone for all Moms. A place to relax, be yourself, and even if you don’t have time to leave your house- a place for a little mom time. Please join, no matter what type of Mom you are: biological, step, adoptive. You’re all welcome. I just ask that you: Be Kind. Don’t Judge. And Have Fun.


And invite your fellow Mom friends too! Especially some new mommas that aren’t part of another mom community. I love tapping into the wealth of motherly knowledge that a league of mothers possess!

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