One of Those Days – Mrs. Bishop

I spent my weekend sick.

My hubby had to work, and just got a promotion 2 weeks ago, so barring an emergency he had to go.

I was on my own.

Curled up on the couch in a half-asleep state, lucky to just keep my toddler fed and from hurting himself.

At one point I nodded off and jerked awake, only to realize he was playing quietly because, “Mommy’s head is hurtin’…shhh I be qwiiiiet.”

With some Hot Wheels cars, books, and The Peanuts Movie playing in the background, he kept himself entertained for nearly the entire day while I dozed and sat curled up under my heated blanket.

After that, I realized I’ve been underestimating him.

Some days it’s okay for him to entertain himself.

I don’t need to plan out his activities. Tell him what toys to play with next. To direct his play. He can do it all on his own. Unplugged from his Mom, he got to choose what he wanted to do- even if that meant driving his Hot Wheels cars around his playmat for an hour. Getting gas and going to the car wash over and over and over.

Or reading the same Blaze book 14 times.

It won’t be detrimental to him that we didn’t read together. Or he didn’t practice writing out his letters. Or that he ate toaster waffles and peanut butter and jelly with chips- there was no cooking that day. I could barely stand to throw that food together.

Maybe some days we’re over-scheduling our children. Lording over their activities. Worried they might not be doing enough educational activities, physical activities, etc.

Maybe sometimes we should just let them play.

And give ourselves a break.


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