The Dreaded Poo Strike

I wrote this 3 weeks ago…and we’re experiencing the same thing, for the third time in a month. So, I thought I’d share my feelings on the awful, dreaded poo strike.

My son has been holding his poop for 3 days.

Not because he’s severely constipated or ate something bad. Not because he doesn’t know how to poop in the potty- he did it twice the day before.

This is a sheer battle of wills. Toddler against Mommy.

And he’s WINNING.

I had never heard of this phenomenon before. I thought my kid was just being a little weirdo like toddlers sometimes are (let’s be honest- kids are strange creatures). I mean he’d rather eat boogers than even dare touch a piece of broccoli.

That was until I asked on online Mom’s group about the problem, and some of the responses made me literally laugh out loud. One fellow mother exclaimed she would rather endure the pain of childbirth all over gain rather than endure the nightmare of the dreaded poo strike.

I’m right there with her.

Of all the craziness I’ve been through with this little man, this has been one of the absolute worst. Listening to him scream for 2 hours that his stomach hurts, because he’s “holding the poop in my belly.”

C’mon kid, push it out and we can get back to our Chuggington and Goldfish crackers. PLEASE! I’ve shared my Potty Training Woes before- but this one takes the cake!

Parenting is forever changing, a whole new ball game. Once you think you’ve got this thing down, these kids switch the flip and throw something new at you.

I like to think it keeps me on my toes, keeps me young, and keeps my mind alert. But, honestly I’m noticing more gray hairs and wrinkles every day.

Toddlers of the world- give us Mommy’s a break!

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