Yummy Scrub: Natural, Gentle Body Scrubs- Mrs. Bishop

*Disclaimer- I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own.*

Since summer is right around the corner, and we’ll all be showing a little more skin, it’s time to add a body scrub to our skin care routine. Time to slough off that dead winter skin and exfoliate away the dry patches. With my super sensitive skin, it’s hard to find a scrub that is gentle enough on my skin and doesn’t scrape up my hands. But, Yummy Scrub has solved that problem.

The Yummy Collection is full of artisan products that are hand-crafted with organic, wild, locally sourced ingredients, and they’re made in a commercial kitchen. Right there by the food. So, there’s no ingredients in them that you couldn’t consume. Since our skin absorbs everything we put onto it, we might as well make it stuff that we can eat!


I had the opportunity to try 3 amazing products, starting with this Thyme to Heal healing mask. It comes in this really cute, no waste packaging, and you just add the powder to water and spread it on your face. As soon as you put it on, you feel the refreshing peppermint. It contains chickpea flour and clay to absorb the oils in your skin and the herbs all contain healing properties. Once it dries and you scrub it off, it exfoliates your skin as well. Your skin immediately feels tighter and your pores seem smaller, even after one use. I like to put it on before hopping into the tub and read a book for awhile. Relaxing and healing your skin: win-win! I really like this mask, and the fact that it works without stressing my skin out or breaking out my sensitive areas. It’s definitely one to try if you’re looking for all natural skincare products that work.

This is what it looks like in the packaging.
Once you add the water, I let it sit for a minute to thicken a bit- then it’s super easy to apply with your fingers or a brush.
I recommend doing it over a sink, it can be a little messy. But, I’m not ashamed to show you how crazy I look- because my skin feels amazing!

I also got to try 2 body scrubs. The Rose Milk scrub is made from 3 simple ingredients: rice, milk, and rose petals. That’s it. Rose is great for sensitive skin, anyway, and she calls this one an “invitation to romance” because the smell of rose is so romantic. I like to use this scrub on my skin before date nights. It’s a super fine, gentle scrub. None of those huge chunks that tear your skin, just a light exfoliation. But, my whole body feels smooth after using it. And again, not even a little irritation.



The Masala scrub is full of Indian spices that smell amazing and contain healing properties for your skin. It smells a little spicy, in a good way, and contains the same fine, gritty scrub that makes your skin feel healthy and smooth. Perfect if you want a nice glow in your short shorts.




Check out Yummy Scrub if you really want to go all natural with your products, or need a gentle scrub to make you feel smooth and sassy this summer. Check out some of their other great products too, like their Skin Cleansing Oil and Teeth Rinsing Oils.


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