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I love sharing my favorite Green Beauty Brands with you- but I know sometimes we don’t have the time to wait (or the funds) to order our products online. So, today I’m sharing with you my favorite Green Beauty buys that you can pick up at your local drugstore, Target, natural store, etc. These are all products that I have bought on my own, and will continue to re-purchase over and over again.

Pacifica Shadows: This Mystical palette is my absolute favorite eye shadow palette right now. The colors are really pigmented and soft, there’s not a lot of fall out, and the colors can be mixed and matched for any season. I use it almost every day. I just picked up the Enlighten pallet as well, and it has been getting an equal amount of use. It’ll run you about $15, but I got one on sale for $11 the other day. Always be on the lookout for sales and coupons! Pacifica’s Power of Love line at Target is a BUYONEGIVEONE campaign that gives makeup to a woman in need. It’s always fun to buy a great product and give a little back at the same time.

Physician’s Formula Mascara: I’ve shared this before in my Spring Favorites, but I’ll keep on sharing. This is my favorite inexpensive basic mascara. It does the job well, it’s 100% natural origin, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. It’s even cheaper than most chemical laden mascaras, coming in at under $9.

Alba Botanica 3 in 1 wipes: I love these wipes because they are so multipurpose. They remove my makeup, can be used as both a cleanser and a toner when traveling (or when I fall asleep on the couch and go to wipe my makeup off at 2 AM), and they smell like pineapples! They’ll only run you about $5 and if you use them every day they’ll last you a month…and I never use them every day, so they last me considerably longer.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub: This scrub is the best one that I’ve ever just been able to pick up at the store. The exfoliators are tiny and feel a little like a micro-dermabrasion, but doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It does a great job at exfoliating, but isn’t over-drying. I use it about twice a week and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the smoothness of my skin and the amount of blackheads I’ve gotten. My Hubby has even started using it- and he loves it too. You can get a sample size for $4 and it’ll last you a decent amount of time- but if I were you I’d pay the $10 and get the bigger size, because you won’t be disappointed.

Kiss my Face Moisture Shave: Not technically a ‘drug store’ buy, but I get this at my local Lucky’s Market and it is my absolute favorite shaving cream ever! I will never stop buying this stuff. It is the most effective, yet gentle on my skin shaving cream that I’ve ever tried. It’s a little pricey at around $8 but it lasts forever, so it’s worth it to me!

Jason Gluten Free Hair Care: I got these products at my Lucky’s as well. I am always on the lookout for a great Unscented shampoo and conditioner to add to my hair routine, and this one has the bonus of also being Gluten Free. For an unscented shampoo it works really well. It cleans my hair without making it feel stripped, and it stays surprisingly soft- which isn’t often the case with unscented hair products. I grabbed these because they were on sale- but, I’m glad I did, because I found a new favorite.

Pacifica Roll on Perfume: I have had a really hard time over the last couple of years finding a fragrance that doesn’t give me a migraine or irritate my skin. The Pacifica roll on perfumes have solved that problem for me. I love the roll on formula because I can apply it in concentrated areas. It hasn’t irritated my skin, and I’ve been using it for a week or so. This Indian Coconut Nectar smells amazing, and I’ll definitely be trying the other scents. They usually will run you around $11 (but right now this one is only $6 on Target’s website as I’m writing this!), which is fairly inexpensive for a perfume.

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara: If you’re sensing a theme- I love Pacifica. They’re such a great natural and vegan option that you can buy locally for really great prices. I picked up this mascara last week because I’ve seen so many rave reviews about it. It’s hard to find a water resistant, vegan mascara- especially for less than $20 ($13.99!). I accidentally bought the blue one, but I’m glad I did! I love the blue on my eyes. I have super dark lashes, so it’s very subtle, but adds just a little pop of color when I want to do a fun eye look. It hasn’t bothered my super sensitive eyes and doesn’t give me smudged eyes after an hour like most mascaras. It stays on well, but comes off easily when I remove my makeup. Definitely look into it if you’re looking to change up your mascara.

I hope you are able to find some great options at your local stores if you’re new to Green Beauty. Please let me know if you have any questions, because I am fairly new to it as well and will try to find the answer for you! Have you tried any of these products? What’s your favorite?



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