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*I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own.*

I like to keep my nighttime skincare routine both simple, but effective. I choose hydrating products that will keep me moisturized until morning, and make sure to include a treatment or extra step that I only use at night. Right now I am loving the Sensitive Line from Holiskin. I was able to talk to the owner, Josh Alexander, and he picked out products for me that would work best for my dry and sensitive skin.

Face-Cleanser-Sensitive-SkinThis Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser is an Oil Cleanser, which is one of my favorite types of cleansers to use at nighttime, because they’re so hydrating. Instead of washing your face with it and rinsing it off, you massage it into your face and steam it off with a warm cloth. This melts off any makeup or impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean, but not stripped or dry. I sometimes use oil cleansers in my morning skincare routine in the drier months as well- so definitely look into adding this cleanser to your winter skincare routine for both night and day. This cleanser has a light, fresh scent, and because you only need a pump or two- it lasts forever!

Face-Serum-Sensitive-Skin-HoliskinAfter Oil Cleansing, I follow up with this Sensitive Skin Facial Serum. This replaces any moisturizer you might need at bedtime. Just a few drops pressed into the skin, and your face is left feeling soft and smooth. Your skin will literally feel like silk. After just a few uses, I noticed a change in the softness and suppleness of my skin- and after using it for a few weeks it has definitely improved on some dry patches and damaged spots.

Sensitive_Skin_Toner_Lavender_ChamomileImmediately after you apply your serum, you mist on this Lavender and Chammomile Facial Toner, and rub it into your skin together- the toner allows the serum to be better absorbed, and also adds a cooling and refreshing feeling to your skincare routine. It also helps control any breakouts and soothes any irritation or inflammation. If you prefer a more acidic toner for healing and exfoliating, Holiskin also makes an Apple Cider Vinegar version, this one is just more soothing to super sensitive skin like mine. I will say- at first the scent was strong. Not overpowering, just super sweet. But it dissipates quickly, and I love the way it makes my skin feel, so I’m okay with it. Just let it soak in for a few minutes before laying down and you’re good to go!

Revitalize-EyesI’ve been on the lookout for a great eye serum for awhile- and I was ecstatic to find that Holiskin carries this Revitalize Eye Serum. It comes in a super convenient roll-on, which makes me more likely to use it every night, because it’s so quick and easy to roll on and pat in. It helps de-puff and moisturize your under eye area, while stimulating new cell growth. And it contains apricot kernal oil, which specifically targets sensitive, irritated skin. This is the first eye serum I’ve used in a LONG time that didn’t irritate my eyes, and I still actually notice a difference. You do have to use it consistently for a few weeks- but if you do, you will see a positive result. I’m thankful to have found an affordable under-eye treatment that I can actually use.

I’ve seen this brand popping up all over the Green Beauty world over the last couple of months- everyone is loving all of Holiskin’s products. They contain only the best ingredients. Organic, Natural, and Wildcrafted- made in small batches, they’ve removed all synthetics and fillers that you find in most conventional skincare. Some of the products really only contain 2 or 3 ingredients, and they still get the job done- and do it well! I love that I’ve found another great small business to support that really cares about what ingredients they use, and are so personable to their customers.

I definitely recommend that you look into Holiskin- they have great, natural, AFFORDABLE skincare for everyone. (They even make skincare for men, if you’re having a hard time transitioning the man in your life!)

Holiskin has been gracious enough to offer a Sensitive Skin Serum Facial Serum for a Giveaway- check out my Instagram for details!

Also if you can’t wait to try it: there is a big Summer sale event on Etsy where you can get free US shipping and save 20% with code: SUMMERSALE. This is a great way to bundle and save!


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