Printable Family Friendly Fall Bucket List: Mrs. Bishop

I’m trying to be a little more laid back this year- and not overschedule every little thing that we do. But, I do have a few fun things I like to do in the Fall as a family. So today, I’m going to share our simple, short and sweet Fall Bucket List.

I know most people go trick-or-treating, but my 4 year old has actually never been- we usually stay home and hand out candy. It has been super cold the last few years too (or rainy) so we were happy to hang at home. But, this year little man has been asking to go and I’m excited to take him!

Feel free to print out this list and use it for yourself- and let me know if you complete it! We’re cheating a little by going to a pumpkin patch over the weekend that also has a corn maze. But, hey- 2 birds with one stone, I love it!


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