The Boy Mom Gift Guide {5 Years Old} – Mrs. Bishop

{Disclaimer- I received some of these products in exchange for an honest review they are marked with an *. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.}

I’ve got an almost 5 year old and buying him gifts this year has been fun and exciting… and exhausting. He tells me, “I want that, I want that, I want that” about most everything we come across. If you’re in the same boat as I am, I’ve put together some great gift ideas for my fellow boy mommas. Your little men (or ladies too, these gifts aren’t gender specific, I just know nothing about the girl mom life!) will love all of these.


This *Mental Blox 360 Game from #LearningResources is the perfect activity for you little problem solver and building lover. You can play by the rules and try to create all of the different 3-d puzzles (some of which even stumped this Momma) or let your kiddos go crazy and entertain themselves and see what they come up with. It has been a family favorite in the week since we’ve gotten it and it’s fun to play again and again! BONUS: I just saw that is was FOR SALE on Amazon! Perfect for Christmas shopping from home!

It fits easily in the box for quick clean-up and the cards give you 3 different stages of play.
Our little guy loves the challenge, and the fact that he gets to build.


*Put Me in The Story is a great way to personalize a gift for your little book lover! Now that our little guy is learning to really read and recognize his name when written, I loved the idea of a book that makes him a part of the story. The other great thing is that they have TONS of books to choose from, featuring all of your kiddo’s favorite characters. You can even get personalized coloring books or gift sets that come with the corresponding plush character. Our avid reader is Cars obsessed, so we knew it was the perfect gift for him. I can’t wait to see his face the first time he reads his name on the page!


I thought I would go ahead and share my little guy’s “Santa Gift” with you as well. This is the gift that he has been asking for since he spotted it in the stores months ago. The toy he talks about daily. The one he whispers to his Elf about, and asked for in his letter to Santa. We *may* already have purchased this Hot Wheels Playset and have it stashed away- to make it’s debut on Christmas morning. If your little man loves Hot Wheels, chances are he would love to add this to his collection.


My Busy Books are a lifesaver in our house. We have STACKS of them. I love that they are a great use of my little guy’s imagination, and they keep him busy for hours. And they’re one of my favorites, because everything folds back up into a book sized box and fits on a standard bookshelf. They have been a Godsend while our house is on the market, because they’ve helped keep the messes to a minimum. This Thomas one is one of my son’s favorites, along with the Peanuts, Cars, and Turbo ones to name a few. I wasn’t kidding when I said we had a few.


I saw this Yeti in My Spaghetti game on the sale shelf at the store and bought it because little man has been getting into board games recently. The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize it was a current popular kids toy- mom probs. Now my son has seen the commercial dozens of times and sings the jingle over and over. I’m glad we went ahead and grabbed it while it was on sale!

I love that all of these gift ideas allow my little guy to exercise his imagination and still have loads of fun. I think this will be our best Christmas yet!


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