Chevron Burlap Spring Wreath

It’s FINALLY warming up out here in good ol’ Indiana. So, I was super inspired to make a Spring Wreath for my front door to welcome it back!
I love that it was a quick and easy project. I will probably be making these for every season and holiday now-now that I know how easy they are to put together.
Step 1: Gather your materials.
You will need a wreath form, and 3 rolls of chevron burlap. Or whatever material you need. These were 10ft long by 5in wide I think. See that I said 3, but there are only 2 pictured? Make sure you start with 3…otherwise you will be like me, sending your hubby back to the store for more burlap. Bless him.
Step 2: Tuck and Pull.
I inserted the burlap in the first row, then pulled, fluffed, and tucked it into the next. Pull, fluff, tuck, repeat. If that is super confusing, there are all kinds of tutorials on Pinterest- with videos. Since I am not a great explainer, I suggest you look up one of those…haha.
Step 3: Repeat.
After each row, I twisted it once in the back to hold it in more securely. Then I squished each row together to make it more full, and so that you don’t spy the wreath from between each “fluff”.
That is how much one roll of burlap ribbon covered.
Here she is after 2 rolls of burlap ribbon. (Yes, she’s a she)
And 3. There was just a tiny bit left over, so 3 was the magic number I needed. If you want it to be fuller, you can always use more and and squish it closer together.
Then I just took my hot glue gun and glued down all of the beginning/end pieces. You can use floral wire to do this as you are making your wreath, but I ran out. And hot glue and I are BFFs.
If you have a door like mine that has a window where a wreath hanger can’t be hung- use command hooks. They’ve always held pretty well for me, and it keeps something from blocking your pretty window.
Take note that I still haven’t painted my door- that is still the gray primer. Thanks to Indiana weather and a busy toddler, the task has yet to be finished. It will be a shade or 2 darker when finished, and I can’t wait for it to be done!
I’ve also decided that she needs a little more embellishment, but haven’t fell in love with anything quite yet. I’ll update once I find the perfect accessory.
Thanks for stopping by!

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