Luxury Organic Winter Skin Care with B True Beauty- Mrs. Bishop

*Disclaimer- I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own*

The last few weeks here in Southern Indiana have been cold. Rigid cold. The air burns your face when you run out just to check the mail, cold. January is always about the time that the weather begins to wreak havoc on my sensitive skin. I always have to use more products and extra moisturizers just to make sure I don’t get cracked, red, peeling skin. This year I’ve found some skincare that has been making my job a LOT easier, especially on these cold days.

You may have heard me mention B True Beauty last year in a Beauty Tips post- their Eye Makeup Remover is still my absolute favorite, by the way! This year they just came out with a brand new luxury organic skin care line and I was so excited that I had to reach out to them to see if they’d let me try it for you all. And they did- and I LOVE it!


This Graceful Beauty Water Hydrating Toner is unlike any toner I’ve ever used, in the best way. It really is hydrating. Toners usually tend to dry your skin out a bit, which is fine because you apply it before moisturizer. But in these cold, dry temps the last thing I want to do is dry my face out any more than it already is. I just apply this toner on my face with a cotton pad, and it removes any impurities my cleanser missed. Afterwards instead of feeling dry, tight skin, it actually feels soft and moisturized. It’s really like a glass of water for my skin- I was blown away the first time I used it, because I had never had that experience with a toner before. I’ve almost used up the entire bottle because it just has made my skin feel like silk, and in these dry conditions, I need ALL the help I can get!


After using the Toner, I apply this Graceful Beauty Age Correcting Moisturizer. I LOVE that it’s an oil instead of a traditional cream. When using an oil, it feels like you’re pampering your skin. Babying it a little instead of slapping on a moisturizer and being done with it. It gives your skin that extra boost of moisture it needs, especially if like me, you live where the air hurts your face. It soaks in rather quickly for an oil, and creates a nice, smooth and hydrated base for under makeup. It helps my makeup to apply beautifully without being over-greasy at the end of the day. This moisturizer is a definitely one of my new faves!

They just rebranded and their new bottles are beautiful!

I tried out their age-correcting line, but they have a product for every skin type. This set was perfect for my sensitive skin, so I may have to give some of their skincare oils a try as well. They also have 3 cleansers that I haven’t gotten to try because they were sold out (someone else was loving them as well!), but now they’re back in stock. The cleansers come in generous 4 oz bottles, so you’re getting some good bang for your buck! These are more luxury products, so I’d say they’re priced at a medium range price point, but not ridiculously so. Definitely look into B True Beauty if you’re looking to try out some new organic skincare products! Right now you can use code: Livin’ the Dream50 to get 50% off your entire order! 


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