Treat-ing My Dry Winter Lips with Treat Beauty- Mrs. Bishop

*Disclaimer- I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own*

Even though the weather this year has been a little more mild than usual, my lips still look like it’s negative temps outside. This time of year always wreaks havoc on my normally smooth smoochers. They get dry, cracked, and impossible to deal with. But, this year, thanks to Treat Beauty, my lips look better than they ever have!

Treat makes certified organic lip care, that is literally good enough to eat! I got their entire Marshmallow gift set and I am hooked! Is there any better flavor for winter than marshmallow? It makes me think of hot cocoa and marshmallow fluff- all of the best candy flavored winter goodies!

First I start with the Lip Scrub. It sloughs off any dry, disgusting winter skin on my lips, and leaves me with a  luscious, hydrated pout. And the biggest bonus is that it TASTES amazing. Some lip scrubs even recommend that you don’t get them in your mouth??? I mean, it’s on your lips- that’s nearly impossible! But, Treat is organic and okay to taste. I usually find myself licking my lips a little more often! The scrub is also hydrating in itself because of the coconut oil, so if you’re in a hurry you can stop with just that step and head on out the door.



A close-up of what the scrub looks like. Sugar- yum!

The Marshmallow Lip Balm is one of my new must-haves! It makes my lips so soft and smooth, I wear it under lipstick or just apply it any time my lips need a pick-me-up. I’ve even been putting on an extra thick layer at bedtime so I wake up with a smooth kisser, despite the dropping temperature. My Hubby doesn’t mind the marshmallow flavor either…The BEST part of the lip balm is that it’s 3x the size of a normal lip balm- so this baby is gonna last and last!


I’ve also been loving Treat’s Marshmallow Moisture Stick. This powerhouse stick can be used anywhere and everywhere. Dry or chapped hands, lips, knees, undereyes, ANYWHERE your skin needs an extra dose of moisture. It works great on my sensitive skin- and don’t tell anyone, but my Husband has been using it too. No one could hate the Marshmallow scent either- it’s what heaven must smell like!


Usually Winter weather has me cursing my lips- but thanks to Treat’s Scrub and Balm, I’m loving them again. I’ll definitely be keeping these with me at all times. And, I’ll probably be picking up the Cotton Candy Tinted Lip Balm for summer! (Which is currently sold out, but they can email you when it becomes available!) Ask for one of their Gift Sets for Valentine’s Day- it’s the gift that keeps on giving and tastes like a treat, but your thighs won’t hate you!


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