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*Disclosure- I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

It has been quite awhile since I’ve done a skincare brand feature, and it’s high time I do another one!

Today I’m featuring Belmondo Skincare– organic, handmade skincare, crafted in Canada. Their products are luxurious and contain the best ingredients. I love when using a product feels like I have a spa in my bathroom and these products deliver! I also appreciate simple, effective, natural ingredients in my skincare, because my sensitive skin doesn’t mess around.

after-the-rainAfter cleansing I almost ALWAYS use a toner, unless I am in some sort of crazy hurry. Belmondo’s After the Rain is a soothing toner. Scented with real lavender and chamomile, it’s so calming, leaving my skin fresh and smooth. Some toners tend to over dry my parched skin, but this one doesn’t. My pores feel clean, but I don’t feel like I sucked every ounce of moisture out of my skin. I would definitely recommend this if you’re on the hunt for a more natural, high-end feeling toning product!

the-cloudThe Cloud is the softest, velvety-est face cream I’ve ever tried. It gives my skin a CRAZY amount of hydration, but doesn’t feel overly greasy. I’ve been using it both at night and in the morning underneath my primer, and my makeup holds up really well on top of it. If you have oily skin, it may be a little too moisturizing for you. But, if you have desert dry, overly sensitive skin like me, this is perfection. Bonus- it has some of the cleanest ingredients of any face cream I’ve tried.

the-petalI have been on the hunt for a hydrating undereye cream for what seems like forever. The Petal was my answer! I have noticed an incredible difference in my dark circles and fine lines. My concealer hasn’t even been creasing as much as it was before thanks to this soothing, smoothing miracle cream. It is so gentle and never irritates my eyes, and it feels like silk when you’re rubbing it on. If you try one product from Belmondo, this might be the one to try first!

the-earthThe Earth is a cleansing french clay mask. At first, I loved this mask. But, honesty and transparency being one of my values- I have to say, the second time I used it, it irritated my skin. As far as a mask goes, I think it works great, and does the job well of cleansing pores and getting rid of dead skin. But, one of the ‘perks’ of sensitive skin, is that sometimes even the most natural ingredients still irritate my face. Probably, my skin is just reactive to one of the ingredients that this mask contains. However, If you love clay masks, and they don’t irritate your skin- I would recommend this one to you. Sometimes you just have to try new stuff out to see what works best with your skin type.

Overall, I loved the products that I had the opportunity to try from Belmondo, and would definitely like to test out more of their products. The Petal is probably going on my Best products of 2018 list! What would you like to try from Belmondo? The Dew is next on my list!




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