Tuesday Top Ten #4

{This Messy Season and I decided to start a new series together-Tuesday Top 10. In which we are going to share 10 of our favorite things from each week. These can be any 10 things- shows we’re watching, books we’re reading, snacks, beauty products, what have you. It was a lot of fun putting together a list of all the random things we’ve been loving and I hope you keep tuning in to see what we come up with next! These posts may contain affiliate links- thanks so much for helping support my blog and family! }

This week I’ve been sick and spent most of my time on the couch or huddled in bed- so this week my favorite things were all about comfort!

1.) My warm and cozy slippers I snagged for $6 at Aldi. They have only come off of my feet for sleeping. Because it’s COLD!

2.) Hot tea on repeat. I drink a lot of Ginger Tea thanks to my gastroparesis, but I’ve been buying Ginger Turmeric Tea now because I heard it’s great for inflammation too. I add in some honey and sometimes some ACV or lemon juice to give it a little zing. But, since I’ve been sick I’ve drank it in copious amounts. I also like throat tamer or sleepytime blends for when I can’t catch my zzz’s thanks to a clogged nose.

3.) I will most ALWAYS include a book and this week’s pick is As You Wish by Jude Deveraux. It’s the 3rd in my favorite series from her- the first being The Summerhouse, one of my all time favorite books. I was SO excited when I found out she wrote another book in this series. And, this one gave me all the same feels that the first one did. Would you rewrite your past if you could? 

4.) My antique typewriter! My Husband surprised me with it last year and it sat in the guestroom ever since because I didn’t have a place for it. But, thanks to my new shelf that I mentioned a few weeks ago– it’s now on permanent display in my living room. As a writer (or I like to think of myself as a writer at least) I have an obsession with old typewriters…now I’m on the hunt for an antique camera to display there as well.


5.) Planning my Summer Road Trip! If you didn’t see my announcement post yesterday– check it out. We’re planning on exploring our beautiful home state on a series of mini road trips this Summer and taking you along with us! I have been frantically making lists of all the places I wanna see.

6.) Speaking of planning- I’ve been using my Reminder Binder that they sent me at the beginning of the school yearlike my life depends on it. It’s keeping track of school activities, doctor appointments, and ALL THE LISTS I’m making for our trip. As well as my blog post schedule and day to day life. It’s seriously been one of the best planners I’ve ever had- and the stickers make it super fun!

7.) My new Dusty Girls Quintessential Romance Eye Shadow Palette. The colors in this palette are BEA-U-TIFUL! They’re really pigmented, but subtle. Romance really describes the colors. They’re gorgeous and romantic. Stay tuned for a full review ASAP.

8.) My 5 Minute Bible Study that Barbour Publishing sent me.  As a busy Mom, sometimes getting into the word is really hard to find time to do. But, with this book, I can spend 5 minutes each day while I’m drinking my coffee, refueling my body and soul. Perfect for Moms with littles who only can get a few moments at a time.

9.) Johnny Carinos Italian Nachos!!! One of my favorite things to order. We went over the weekend and can I just say- yum?! I always forget how much I love them. Then we go and I order them and fall back in love. They use fried wontons instead of tortilla chips. It’s full of Italian sausage, olives, banana peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, cheese, and alfredo….order them, you won’t be mad.

10.) Spring Weather- it’s baaaack! Winter is by no means over, but after the Polar Vortex -30 degree wind chills my body was not happy. This weekend it got up to almost 60 degrees. We were SO glad to leave the house without freezing our butts off!

So that’s it- nothing too fancy. But, maybe this week I’ll rejoin the living, healthy people and come up with some better favorite things for next week! What have you been loving this week?

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