Sometimes We Need to Be Still – Mrs. Bishop

Every day on Instagram stories I’ve been sharing my #verseoftheday to help keep me accountable in my Bible reading. Yesterday’s verse was-

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Words I often have to repeat to myself. When chaos comes or disaster strikes, my default setting is, “FIX IT!” I think that, as Moms, we feel the like it’s our job. Like robots- ‘fix it. fix it. fix it.’ It helps us feel like we’re in control.

But, there are some things that we have zero control over. Our health, and the health of our children are big ones. No matter what we do, it’s just not in our hands.

I’ve been battling some health issues for the past few weeks, and I’ve nearly driven myself insane trying to fix everything. It’s like trying to treat only the symptoms and ignoring what’s causing them. It NEVER works. Everything snowballs until you have an even bigger problem.

Then when we can’t hold it all together, our pal Mom guilt steps in. Because, when Mom is down for the count, everything quickly unravels. It’s crazy how fast the laundry and dishes pile up, how dusty the floors get. It begins to weigh on me and I panic.

But, guess what? My boys couldn’t care less if the house is messy. They want a healthy Momma. And there’s no way you’re going to get better if you’re not resting.

We need to CHILL OUT. STOP stressing. Take care of ourselves. And if we feel like we have to fix it all- turn it over to the One who actually can. HE’S got this!

Yes, hard times will come. Sickness. Pain. Money troubles. So many things that we have no control over. But, we just have to trust and believe that He’s working it all together for His good.

Be still and give it to Him. He will fight for us.


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