My Nighttime Brightening Skincare Routine with Somaluxe – Mrs. Bishop

*Disclosure- I received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I only share products I love.*

Everyone keeps asking me why my skin has been looking so good lately. I usually chalk it up to the amount of water I drink. Paired with the fact that I love a good skincare regimen. But, even I’ve been noticing that my skin has been looking much brighter and healthier than normal. That’s when I realized that I’ve been using the Somaluxe Skincare line from Lady Soma for a couple of months now- and it’s really making a difference in brightening the appearance and texture of my skin.somaluxe skincare mainThese products are made in small batches and use much safer ingredients than a lot of products you get at the drugstore. They’re potent and effective- but, best of all affordable! I also want to point out that as I’m writing this- they’re also ALL ON SALE!somaluxe skincare peptide serum

The Brightening Peptide Serum is perfect for the stage of life I’m in right now. It’s great for women who already have wrinkles, but I’m all about preventing them before they show up. It brightens and resurfaces your skin, and helps with dark spots. Which, yes, now that I’m 30 I’ve been noticing more and more of. I have noticed a substantial difference in the brightness of my skin since I started using this product, and am loving my results. As a sensitive-skinned gal, it is pretty potent. So, I use it around 3-4 times a week just to give my skin a break in between. But, it doesn’t irritate or break me out- which makes me a happy lady. I apply this after washing my face, before my moisturizer.  On those nights I skip it, I just use the moisturizer or a skincare oil instead.somaluxe skincare eye repair gel

Next, I apply the Triple Collagen Eye Repair Gel. I have mentioned that finding an eye gel that I love has been a battle, but I am really enjoying this one. My undereyes are where I’ve noticed the  biggest difference in how bright my skin is. My concealer has also been creasing less and I wake up looking less puffy. I’m totally attributing that to this product. Again- for an eye gel, it also fits in my budget, which is sometimes hard to come by.

somaluxe skincare moisturizer

Finally, I apply the Ocean Mineral Restorative Moisturizer. I use it both morning and night, and love that it’s light and hydrating without being greasy. Especially now that the weather is consistently in the 90’s. It’s full of collagen to help keep your skin elastic and firm, and the scent is nice and light as well. It reminds me slightly of the Osea moisturizer (which I also love) and I think it’s the algae and ocean minerals it contains. A definite favorite in the moisturizer department!somaluxe skincareIf you’re on the lookout for a new skincare routine that will help keep your skin youthful and vibrant- give the Somaluxe line from Lady Soma a try! (Especially while it’s on sale!). And pamper yourself before bedtime.

I’ve got my eye on this Hydrating Cream Exfoliant to try next.


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