Summer {Snack-tivity} Snack and Activity Bar- Mrs. Bishop

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This Summer I’ve been trying to think of ways to allow my son to be more independent. Especially in the ‘keeping himself entertained’ department. I want him to have choices for fun activities, without me telling him what to do all of the time. Along with playing in his room with toys, reading, and screen time, I wanted to make other fun choices available to him.

So, the idea for this Summer ‘Snack-tivity’ Snack and Activity Bar was born.

summer snacktivity bar

I snagged this Ikea-style cart on Clearance at Target (I linked a similar one) and it was the perfect size for this empty spot, in between the dining table and the couch. I headed out to the store and stocked it with all kinds of fun, inexpensive options for him to choose from.

summer snacktivity bar 3

The top houses crayons, markers, paints, play-doh, stamps, etc. It’s basically the art department. I also got some other fun things he could do on his own (or with Daddy!).

crafts activities

He’s already done some of the little art-scratch offs, as well as some not pictured coloring crafts. I snagged a little ‘Build your Own Birdfeeder’ and Gemstone Excavation kit at the Dollar Tree as well and put them in there too. As he finishes these things, I’ll add more throughout the Summer.

snactivity bar snacks

The second shelf is all of his snack options.

{While I totally get that they’re not all super healthy, he chooses wisely and also has access to fresh fruit and yogurt, etc. Also- I’m a little more relaxed on his snack options in the Summer.} But, this makes it easy and I don’t have to get him snacks every time he gets hangry. Which is quite often with a growing boy! It’s got chips, applesauce, raisins, granola bars, cheese and crackers, fruit snacks, etc. And it’s perfect for anyone who wants to grab a quick snack.

snacktivity bar books

The bottom has all of his activity books, stickers, sketch pads, etc. So he can just grab them and get to work.

activity books

He’s been doing a couple of pages out of this Summer Blast book every day- I’ll be sharing more about it later. I got a bunch of Avengers activities books at Aldi on clearance and then stocked up on everything else at the Dollar Tree. He’s also got construction paper, coloring books, and regular lined paper as well.

This was such an easy and inexpensive way for me to allow him to be in charge of what he wants to do with his free time this Summer.

As soon as I set it up he started grabbing stuff off of it to do, and he’s used it every day since. He loves it, and I don’t have to constantly redirect his attention and entertain him, so we’re both happy campers! (Especially because it has rained all week- this has been a lifesaver!)

Do you have an activity station? Let me know what’s on yours!

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