Bookshark Hands on History Kit

*Disclosure- I received this kit as a Bookshark ambassador. All opinions are my own.*

As a Homeschool Mom, Summer is tricky.  I want my son to enjoy his vacation- but I don’t want the learning to stop. During the school year we got into such a good groove, and I didn’t want to stop that momentum. But, I also want the learning to be more laid back and fun- a little more hands on. That’s where the Bookshark Hands on History Kit comes in handy!

hands on history kit

The Kit is a new addition as an add on to the Bookshark Curriculum and goes hand in hand with your World Cultures studies. But, it’s also a perfect Summertime activity for us. Because it’s helping to remind us of all the things we learned this year in History, and making it fun and practical.

inside hands on history kit

The Kit includes pretty much everything you need (you’ll need scissors, pens, that sort of thing- but it’s all outlined in the instruction book) to do 9 different educational, hands-on activities. The best part is that each activity is individually packaged. Great for on the go, and keeps the mess at a minimum. Which also helps your child be more independent in the building process.

hands on history unboxingInside there’s also an instruction booklet that tells you how to do each activity, glue dots (and other things you’ll need to build: craft glue, glue sticks, etc.), as well as each individually packaged activity. I love that the instruction booklet also includes a little bit of information about each project- turning it into a lesson in itself.

straw weavingFor example, with the Straw Weaving activity, you’ll learn about Vikings. Which parallels what we learned at the beginning of the school year. We’ve already tried out some of the activities and both my little guy and I have had a blast doing them together.

getting set upAll of these activities are really great if your children are strong readers, because they can read the instructions to you as you go- adding another level of learning to each activity.

Instruction readingMy son’s favorite so far has been the Inventions: Car kit. Because boys and their cars, a match made in heaven! We had a lot of fun doing the steps, and I captured some of the process so you can see how simple and fun it can be.

model car building
The step by step instructions make it so easy, a kid can do it. (That’s the point!)
template packet
The kit even includes the templates you need for the projects.
You will need to help with some cutting and tracing, but most of it your child can do on their own.

finished model carYour children will be so proud of themselves (so will you!) when they see what they’ve built. It’s such a great reminder for them (and you!) that learning can be lots of fun!

I can’t wait to do the rest of the projects. He’s even going to do some with Daddy (I’m hoping the messy ones!) If you want to see everything that’s included in the Hands on History Kit, I did an IGTV video unboxing of the whole thing.

If you want to add on the kit to your curriculum this year, or use it as a Summer learning tool , they’re available now- CLICK HERE!

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