How I’m Keeping Our Busy Life Organized

*Disclosure- I received these planners in exchange for sharing my favorites with my readers- I only share things that I love. All opinions are my own.*

Life is busy- and it feels like we’re in the busiest season ever right now. Between my Husband’s work hours, homeschool, blogging, Taekwondo for Steven, Mom’s groups, Dr.’s appointments, etc- we’re booked all of the time. I’ve even become *that mom* that has forgotten scheduled appointments and meetings, because life has been crazy! Thankfully, Denise Albright  sent over a BUNCH of goodies to help me get my crap together this year. A lot of planners, calendars, and even some things to organize my homeschool life. I may actually feel like I’m ready for school to start, for once!


The start of a new month always gets me so excited to fill out my new, empty planner pages! Between homeschool and work, I need lots of options and space. That’s why I love ALL of this stuff. In my Reminder Binder goes all of my blog work, birthdays, etc. {I just noticed they’re on sale right now!!!} Then my Desk Calendar holds the important things I need to see at a glance. Appointments, play dates, what have you. Then, my Peek a Week is going straight into my homeschool room so I can keep that organized as well.

reminder binder plannerMy Reminder Binder is my new BFF! It is so bright and colorful, and has lots of room for everything I need to write down. Including monthly and weekly pages. Also- it came with loads of stickers! I am a sticker addict, and it makes keeping my life organized even more fun!

planner stickersThere were even stickers included inside if you don’t wanna go sticker-crazy like I did. As well a pocket, lists, contacts, and more. SO MUCH ROOM!!! {I somehow forgot to take photos- but they also have a Dad Pad for men- that’s more manly. Has tear off sheets for lists, projects around the house, etc. As well as stickers to remind him to get you a birthday and anniversary card. So go ahead and grab your man one of those if he needs help staying organized.}

greeting cards

They also have these great greeting cards packs. Raise your hand if you never remember to buy a card. These are so fun- and hilarious, because you just check off what the occasion is. Which will make people chuckle, especially if they know you always forget a card. There are also Gift Tags, stickers to remind you to send gifts, and more. So,you’ll never have to forget someone’s birthday, wedding, or graduation again. You’re welcome!

class keeper

One of the best things EVER that they included was this Class Keeper binder. It’s amazing whether you’re a homeschool parent like me, or you send your kids to public school. It has spaces for pictures of your child’s first and last day of school from Pre-K up through college! Cue the tears…

memory bookAs well as space to keep keepsakes from each year. Lines for you and your kids to write little notes about the year and more. This would be an amazing gift for a new Mommy, or someone sending their kiddos to school for the first time. What a special memory keeper that you can pass on to your littles for graduation!

photo prop cardsTheir Prop Deck of First and Last Day of school cards are also great for snapping those photos to keep in your Class Keeper. (Also, helping to remind you to actually TAKE the photos as well.) And, they go from Preschool to College….and I’m crying again.

planner listsI’m so thankful to Denise Albright for helping me keep my sanity this year. I know life’s only going to get busier from here on out- so I’ve got to keep it organized! Give me all the planners!

Denise Albright also sent me some extras, and I’d like to share the love with you!

planner bundle

They sent over and EXTRA Class Keeper and set of the prop cards. And I’m throwing in a Peek at the Week as well, because I love you guys! These colors were probably meant for a girl (but whatever, man) – so if you have daughters, nieces, or friends with little gals- enter to win these!!! And check my Fbook and IG for more options.

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  1. this messy season

    August 3, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    These things are so adorable!

  2. Kristen

    August 3, 2018 at 9:48 pm

    Would love to win!

  3. Amanda

    August 4, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    How fun! What a great way to get organized!

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