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*We received these school supplies from Bazic for our Homeschool room in exchange for sharing them with you. All opinions are my own.*


As a Mom of an art loving kiddo- we go through a lot of craft supplies. I’ve never seen so many dried up markers and shortened pencils in all of my life. As homeschoolers, we go through our supplies even faster. And stocking up on school supplies can get expensive. Bazic Products can help with that!

art supply cart

Bazic makes quality school and office supplies at REALLY affordable prices. We were able to completely stock our ‘Art Cart’ for a fraction of the price it would have cost us at the store!

school suppliesIn their catalog they have every product you could ever need for your classroom. (Even if you’re not a homeschool family- we know that being a Mom to a crafty kid can get pricey!) And you can use the Bazic Store to shop online in your PJ’s- even better!

Our Haul

craft suppliesWe stocked up on craft sticks and glue (in fun colors, obviously…)- because for some reason, in First Grade we go through glue like water. As well as crayons and markers. Again- can you really ever have too many?

fun craft suppliesAnd my Little Guy was most excited for the more fun and quirky products- like the Fingerpaints and Scented Markers? Who else LOVED those multi-point pencils back in the day? My son also spent a good hour playing with the modeling clay yesterday, so I’ll definitely consider that a win!

office suppliesAs an added Bonus- they even sent me some Teacher school supplies! I have a love affair with all pens, so this was a nice surprise! They’re perfect for updating our daily planner and ALL.THE.GRADING. And the fun colored ones are great for sending notes to friends- which I REALLY need to do more often!

So whether you’re picking up school supplies for school, homeschool, or just stocking your arts and crafts closet- Bazic Products has you covered. I’m a sucker for a good deal, so I’ll definitely be using them again in the future!

What school supplies are you always running low on?


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