How I’m Choosing to ‘Be Still’ in the New Year – Mrs. Bishop

‘The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.’

Exodus 14:14

Be still.

What does it mean to be still?

Especially in today’s society, I think we’ve lost the ability to be still. To get bored. To let our minds wander.

We get a few spare minutes and our hands automatically reach for our phones. A remote… anything to break the silence.

But sometimes the stillness is what we need.

I remember when I was younger- laying on my bed and staring out the window. Replaying the days events. Day dreaming about the future. Planning for the weekend. None of these activities involving a screen. I didn’t have any- so I didn’t even have the option.

My heart aches for the younger generation- they never truly know the meaning of boredom. I worry they won’t ever know the feeling of stillness. How to embrace and enjoy the peace of silence.

With how crazy our Holiday season was- always running errands. Wrapping presents. Cooking and baking. I really needed a moment of quiet. Once the new year hit and the decorations were put away- I found myself really enjoying the clutter free- quiet and peaceful few days we had before we got back to our normal routine.

I’ve reached for my phone less- left it in the other room. Reached for a book over the television. Played board games with my  boys. Today I even laid on the couch and spent a blissful half hour watching the clouds roll across the sky, and the trees swaying in the cold breeze.

I haven’t even opened my laptop to work in weeks- and I got a new one for Christmas!

Now that I’m in my 30’s, I’m really feeling how quickly life flies by. I’m a mom to an almost 7 year old- and it blows my mind. I truly thought the infant, then toddler days would never end and here we are halfway through 1st grade!


The other thing I’ve noticed about basking in the quiet, and learning to be still: I pray more. I thank God more- because my mind goes to what an amazing life I have and how many wonderful things I have to be thankful for- when I’m not scrolling and looking at snippets of the lives of every single person I know.

Believe me, as a blogger- I spend my share of time on social media, my computer, my phone. But, this year I’m going to remember to take breaks. To step back and re-evaluate what’s important. And to remember to be still. Because in the stillness I seek Him, I thank Him, and I relax more.

What are you focusing on in the new year?

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