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*As a BookShark Ambassador- I receive curriculum in exchange for sharing our homeschool journey with you. All opinions are my own.*

I grew up with a love of reading. Passed down from my mother- who I remember reading me Charlotte’s Web, The Boxcar Children, and so many classics at bedtime. Books are my gift of choice. I reach for a novel over the t.v. remote any day of the week. I really wanted to pass down my love of reading to my son, but didn’t know how you create a reading monster. That is until we started homeschool.

I was nervous when we started the read-alouds at first.

I thought there is no was he will sit still long enough for me to read these books to him. In Kindergarten, the first read aloud we started was The Boxcar Children. “Oh good”, I thought- this was one of my childhood favorites! I started hesitantly, realized he was sitting still. He became immersed in the story. We went past where we were supposed to stop. And just like that- a love of books was born.

We sailed through the Kindergarten read alouds like flying colors. My son picking up phrases from each story and repeating them. Telling his Daddy the details of whatever story we were reading over dinner each night. We got attached to characters, cried tears, and laughed out loud. And that was just Kindergarten!

kindergarten read alouds
A picture I snapped last year of our Kindergarten read alouds.

When we started school this year, I was excited. We had picked up stacks of books from the library and read them over the Summer. We devoured books. And the best part- my little guy started picking up books on his own to read. Story after story, he began choosing longer books. Now, he’s reading chapter books on his own!

chapter books
Some of the First Grade read alouds.

This year we’re already though Charlotte’s Web- in which we both shed a few tears at the end. Saw what life was like in a remote Alaskan village in the 50’s in The Year of Miss Agnes (my son loved it so much he’s re-reading it on his own!), and made some new owl friends in Owls in the Family. We fell so in love with Henry Huggins- we’re continuing his stories at bedtime.

Before we started Homeschool, I had no idea what an impact that reading books out loud would have on my son’s love of learning.

I couldn’t fathom that he would develop a deep love of Science, and get a grasp on World History at such a young age. My mind is blown at the amount of information he is able to absorb and retain.

Some of our History and Science Texts.

With the help of the incredible amount of books we received with our BookShark curriculum, we’re learning so much I can’t hardly keep up. Steven asked for Science books and experiment kits for Christmas- so even when we’re not ‘doing school’, we’re still doing learning activities! {I’m definitely NOT complaining.}

Our History lesson for this week.

We’ve learned a lot of ancient history this year. We’ve studied Ancient Egypt and learned about Pharaohs and mummies. Read fairy tales about Greek Gods. And this week we’re studying the Phoenicians.

One of our Science lessons this week.

In Science we just finished up our study of the animal world, and now we’re moving on to the human body. We’re learning important, in depth lessons in an interesting hands on way that doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun! We’re BOTH learning together.

I know that ordering a curriculum is a hard choice. And I know it’s no fun to talk about, but it can be very pricey, which can seem scary. But, I can definitely say- you get your money’s worth.

I’ve done the math.

The amount of books you receive with your curriculum, along with the Instructor’s Guide that holds your hand every step of the way- you feel like you have an expert on hand at all times, it’s worth it.

instructor's guide

So when people ask me what my favorite thing about homeschooling with BookShark is- it’s definitely all the books. We’re building a huge collection that we’ll get to enjoy for years to come.

What books are you loving to use as part of your curriculum?

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Our Favorite Thing About BookShark

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