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Earlier this week I shared our tips for raising readers– so today I wanted to start sharing with you some of our family’s favorite books. I’m starting with some of our favorite Children’s Story Collections- they’re great for bedtime stories. Or curling up and reading together.

good night talesGood Night Tales by C.S. Fritz is by far one of our favorite story book collections. Fritz takes stories from scripture and turns them into delightful children’s stories set in enchanted forests and magical places. There’s one story about a troll giving everything he has to save a butterfly that had me in actual tears. He has a way of imagining stories that children can relate to, but that as an adult I can see the truth of scripture in- it’s beautiful! This is going to be the new gift we give our friends who are about to be parents for the first time.

young readers bibleI asked my son what his current favorite bible story collection was and he picked The Young Reader’s Bible. It includes 70 bible stories in simplistic terms that young children can understand- and they’re easy enough to read that your child can read through them by themselves. Steven has read it all the way through twice- and he reaches for it every time he sees me reading my Bible too.

5 minute storiesThis 5 Minute Disney Pixar Stories book is great because it brings to life your children’s favorite characters. And it does it in less than 5 minutes, so you’re not up way past their bedtimes when they ask for a story. We’ve gone through this book several times, because they include most of Steven’s Disney favorites. You can’t go wrong with Disney!

curious georgeOne of my childhood favorites, Curious George is back in the New Adventures of Curious George. Up to his same shenanigans and still making kids belly laugh at his curiosity. This is a family favorite because it’s one of our favorite characters back for more fun! Steven received this as a gift a couple of years ago- and it’s one of the bigger books he tried to read on his own for the first time. So it holds an even more special place in our hearts.

Our last 2 picks came as part of our Bookshark Kindergarten Curriculum. They were wonderful additions to our collection, and as I was coming up with book ideas for this post, my son chose both of these as for me to add. Which totally makes them wins in my book.


James Herriot’s Treasury for Children brings together a collection of stories about cute animals, life on the farm, and a fun cast of characters from Yorkshire. The illustrations are really pretty, and the stories are instant classics. It is written more for a little bit of an older reader, in an older style. But, we still really enjoyed reading them together. You can’t help but love animal stories.

llama llamaIntroducing poetry to small children can sometimes be hard- because poetry can seem dry. That’s where these poems are different. The Llama Who Had No Pajama: 100 Favorite Poems brings poetry to your kids in a fun, silly way that will have them wanting to read more. They’re laugh out loud funny for littles, and my son still quotes poems he read in it last year. A great addition to our curriculum and our collection.

Let me know if you like seeing what types of books our family likes to read, and I’d love to put some more posts together featuring more of our favorites!

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