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If you have a little science lover like I do, this is a fun theme you can really play around with. It was super simple to throw together and all of the kiddos had a blast. I tried to snap a few pictures beforehand so I could share bits and pieces of the party with you- but once I get into hostess mode all bets are off. I don’t wanna run around with my camera strapped to my chest all day. But, I did get a few shots so you could get an idea of how to throw a science themed party.

science decor
science decor

I like to just toss some decorations all over the house that go along with the science themed decor. We had little periodic elements and signs. Plus the Birthday boy banner and a few other random science themed bits and bobs. We didn’t go too crazy this year- because the kids couldn’t really care less.

lab pass

All the kids got lab passes when they came in. Then, they just headed upstairs to play for the 1st half hour or so.

science themed party table

We had a ‘Cupcake Laboratory’ set up. Which really means I bought a bunch of un-iced cupcakes at Sam’s Club and let the kids ice and decorate them however they wanted. I filled ‘beakers’ with candy and filled pastry bags with icing and let them go crazy. Bonus- the beakers were just some glass vases and jars I snagged at Goodwill on the cheap!

brain dip

As far as snacks go, we kept it pretty simple. I made this ‘Brain Dip’ I found from Homemade Hooplah. It was ridiculously rich, but tasty! I also popped some popcorn {Popcorn Molecules} and made Guac for the adults {Toxic Waste}. There was also a big tub of Cheese Puffs {Proton Puffs}. Simple and easy at its finest!


We set up Steven’s microscope on the coffee table so the kids could look through it.

science books

And he brought some of his favorite science themed books for people to flip through. Which, was fun, because it was stuff we already had.

IMG 9092

We only played one game- ‘Pin the Nucleolus on the Cell’ and the kids had a lot of fun with that. I just cut out circles and we blindfolded them and let them make their guess. The youngest party guest won- which was adorable! But, I also wanted to let them just play.

All in all it was a really fun get together. The kids had fun, Steven felt loved and appreciated, and we all ended the day happy and full of sweets.

birthday boy

Throwing together a Science Themed party doesn’t have to be extensive or expensive- and it can be a lot of fun!

I forgot to snap photos of the Goodie Bags I handed out- they included ‘Crystal Grow Kits’ I got from the Dollar Tree, Glow Bracelets, Slinkies, Candy Bracelets, Slime, Pop Rocks, Science themed stickers, and more…most of the stuff I grabbed from the Dollar Tree and Wal Mart on the cheap!

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