Tuesday Top 10 #6

{My bestie This Messy Season and I started a series together with Andrea AKA Mommy  -Tuesday Top 10. In which we share 10 of our favorites from each week. These can be any 10 things that we’ve been loving, and I hope you keep tuning in to see what we come up with next! Some of these products may have been sent to me and these posts may contain affiliate links- thanks so much for helping support my blog and family! }

This past week was crazy busy with Valentine’s Day and my little dude turning 7 (birthday party details to come!) Plus all the home projects we’ve been undertaking. But, I did manage to keep a running list of a few things that I’ve been loving this weekend.

1.) The Amber Saffron perfume from Clean Beauty Collective. The smell is subtly sexy and spicy and was perfect for Vday. I’ve been wearing it all the time- and NO migraines. I do only spray it on my clothes though, as most perfumes irritate my skin. But, I was ecstatic to find a scent that I can wear without a headache. My Hubby LOVES it as well!

2.) I shared how obsessed I am with all of the Private Selection chocolates at Kroger and this week’s obsession is the Sea Salt Almond Bark. YUM! Dark chocolate and saltiness together make the perfect late night snack. I’ve been nomming down the pretzel bark as well…

3.) I’m IN LOVE with my Back to the Future poster my Hubby surprised me with for Christmas! I just got it back from being framed at Hobby Lobby (they did a FANTASTIC job btw…) and I can’t stop going in the front room to stare at it. It’s the perfect piece of art for my front room makeover- my favorite movie, and the colors are beautiful. You can get your own from Movie Maniacs Design on Etsy!

4.) This dress that I wore on Valentine’s Day is one of my new favorites! I got it for $8 at Ross Dress for Less during the Holidays and never got the chance to wear it. It is the perfect length for my short legs and the detail along the bottom gave me that flapper-style feeling that I love. I felt gorgeous in it and can’t wait to find a chance to wear it again. And really- EIGHT DOLLARS!

5.) Fresh flowers. Simple, but they do the trick. I’ve got them all over the house thanks to Valentine’s Day, and I can’t get enough of them. I even picked up a cheap $5 bouquet and added more. They really brighten up a room, especially during these dreary Winter days.

6.) I’ve been using the new Aveeno shampoos and conditioners for weeks. I found them at WalMart (this isn’t sponsored or anything) because I’m always on the lookout for sensitive skin friendly products that I can pick up at the drugstore. I’ve tried a few of them now, but am currently using the Rosewater and Chamomile blend for Sensitive Scalp, and I’m loving it. It’s affordable, smells amazing, and hasn’t irritated my skin. Which makes it a big winner in my book. I’m SO glad I’m starting to find more great products from the drugstore for sensitive skin!

7.) My book pick of the week is Every Note Played by Lisa Genova. I picked this up because I LOVED Still Alice- even though it ripped my heart out. This book is doing the same thing. It’s about a not so nice concert pianist who’s diagnosed with ALS and it’s so so so heartbreaking so far. I had to take a break from reading it, but picked it back up this weekend and I can’t stop.

8.) I grabbed some of these Lorac Pro Satin Lip Colors on sale at Kohls last weekend and I think they’re going to be some of my favorites for Spring. The formula is really creamy and light- and it lasts for quite a while without drying out my lips. I’d definitely buy more!

9.) My stylist used this Milkshake Leave in Conditioner on my hair at my last appointment and I smelled it and knew I had to buy it! It smells SO good. It also makes my hair ridiculously soft and hydrated. She said it’s great for Winter and I have to agree. I’ve used it every time I’ve showered since I bought it. I’ve recommended it to pretty much everyone too…

10.) We took Steven to see the Lego Movie 2: The Second Part for his birthday and I really enjoyed it. We were all laughing out loud! And I literally cannot get the song out of my head. You’ll totally understand if you go see it.

So that’s it for my 6th week in a row of sharing my weekly favorites! What favorites would you like to see me share more of?

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