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In true Bishop Family fashion- the week that my little man is turning 7, we also decided to take on about 1000 projects around the house. But, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t do life like that.

If you follow my social media- you’ve probably seen the behind the scenes I’ve posted of my cabinet painting. I’ll finish up the rest of those over the next couple of days, and then I’ll share the final results. We did the bottom cabinets a few months ago, but I just bought the white paint for the uppers this past week, and have been painting them in stages. That way we can still use the kitchen, since we, ya know…live here.

My Husband is also  prepping the family room walls to be painted this week, before our new couch arrives. I’ve been looking for a fun, inexpensive couch in there forever- well, since we moved in. And, I finally came across a great option this week. The color I wanted, of course, clashed with the color of the room. Now we’ll be painting in there as well. I can’t wait to share with you guys how it looks. It will be a fun play on the mid-century modern style my Hubby and I both love, with a little bit of our eclectic touches thrown in. We also found a vintage radio for the family room makeover and the poster my Husband got me for Christmas is being framed at Hobby Lobby as we speak. STAY TUNED for the final reveal soon!

Like I mentioned above- Steven is also turning 7 THIS WEEK. I have no idea how he’s 7. There has to be some cosmic joke being played on me, because wasn’t he just a toddler? Wasn’t I just sharing my potty training and tantrum woes here? No?

But, in all seriousness, he’s turning 7 and he’s the smartest, funniest kid I’ve ever met and it’s an absolute pleasure to be his Momma. We’re celebrating this coming weekend with a Science themed party- because my little brain is obsessed with all things Science. I’ll try to take lots of pictures and post the details of his party here as well.

SO much happening right now and I cannot wait to show you all of what we’ve been up to!

More things to look forward to- more home makeovers, an epic Girl’s Weekend Getaway (which I’ll share the details of once I’ve got them all ironed out), our Family Summer Road Trip, & more- it’s busy here at the Bishop abode. But, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Now, I’m off to get my hair done, because it’s been 6 months and I know you ALL know how that is. You don’t realize you need a trim until it’s all buns and dry shampoo in there.

Let me know what’s new with all of you! I want all the fun stuff, all the crazy stuff- and what are you looking forward to once this crazy weather warms up? Which project would you like me to share first?

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