New Home State Spotlight Series- Indiana Summer Road Trip :Mrs. Bishop

You all know I’m from Indiana- I shout it from the rooftops often. I love my home state! I think it’s great. In my book: Midwest is truly best, people are nicer here, and there really is MORE THAN CORN in Indiana. I’ve been researching ALL of the fun stuff to do around this great state- and I’ve come to realize there’s still so much that I haven’t seen yet!

I’ve shared before how my family likes to go on little ‘adventures’ around our state. Exploring new towns, trying local restaurants, and finding hidden gems in our little corner of the world.


Now that our son is a little bigger- I thought we could kick our adventure-taking up a notch by taking an Indiana Summer Road Trip. Or a series of road trips. Each one exploring a new area of the state I love SO much. We’re going to visit towns we already love– sharing why we love them. Towns we’ve never been before- taking suggestions from all of you on where we need to go. And, I’m going to share our adventures here on my blog and on social media.

Franklin, Indiana

If you’re from Indiana– I want to know ALL of the places you think we need to go. I’m talking parks, restaurants, events we need to attend, places we need to see… I’m even making a list of all the unique bookstores I need to visit, because books make me happy- and there are a lot of neat ones here!

If you’ve never been to Indiana, I want to share how great it is with you, so that you want to come see it. Beware- you might like it a lot and consider moving here…I warned you!

So, stay tuned for this Spring/Summer/Fall as I tour my amazing home state and share all of the wonderful things it has to offer. And again, share in the comments all the things we need to see while we’re out exploring. I’m so excited to get traveling! I hope you follow along on our Indiana Summer Road Trip with us.

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