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{My bestie This Messy Season and I started a series together -Tuesday Top 10. In which we share 10 of our faves from each week. These can be any 10 things that we’ve been loving, and I hope you keep tuning in to see what we come up with next! Some of these products may have been sent to me and these posts may contain affiliate links- thanks so much for helping support my blog and family! }

Okay this week we’re back with our top 10 after a week off. I took last week off from EVERYTHING and it was a much needed break. But, now I’m back to work and creating content like it’s my job- which it kinda is. But, not to ramble on too long- here’s what I’ve been loving this (or past) week.

memory making mom book

1.)Memory Making Mom– you know I ALWAYS have a book pick and it’s usually at the top of my list. This one is no exception and totally did not disappoint. It is FULL of practical suggestions to create traditions with your family- memories that will last your children’s lifetime. But, it’s not too overwhelming at all. I loved it! Stay tuned for my full review post later this week.

2.) The Spring Vintage Fest in Franklin, Indiana was this past weekend and we had a blast visiting! I got that adorable new duck planter and succulent from one of my new favorite shops The Hoosier Maker {you can find her products at Eclectic Jade} as well as an adorable book shaped into the letter B. There were a ton of fun vendors with funky/eclectic/vintage and antique items. We had so much fun sifting through all of their treasures. Steven found some new toys at an adorable shop Toodleydoo Toys. We had an insanely good lunch at Gigi’s Sugar Shack. It was a fun family day all around. They’re having another Vintage Market this Fall and you can bet we’ll be there!

peach pie wine

3.) Oliver Winery did not disappoint with their newest release of Peach Pie wine! You know my affinity for the Apple Pie wine- then the Cherry Cobbler. I think they get better with each new release. Dessert in wine form- can you really go wrong?

makeup- pacifica bronzing sunscreen

4.) I posted this image on Instagram this weekend. It includes a few products I’ve been loving for Spring and Summer. I’m all about rosy and bronze-y for this time of year and these products do not disappoint. And YOU KNOW you need SPF. So, this Pacifica Coconut Glow joined my arsenal and I’m hooked. Protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays and have a glow- win/win. {Check out some of my Spring Beauty Essentials here!}

OPI nail polish 'Mathcu Peach-u'

5.) OPI Machu Peach-u is my new go to nail polish shade. It’s the perfect light neutral pink for Spring and it’s just lovely. If you’re still rocking the accent nail like me (old habits die hard!) it looks super cute paired with Barefoot in Barcelona and a little rose gold glitter. Just sayin’.

6.) So, until this past week I had no idea what Tubi was- but apparently it’s a streaming service that comes with our cable package. I found all of my favorite old Gallagher stand up comedy specials on it. The ones that my parents had on recorded VHS tapes with the wavy lines and questionable sound quality. But, my Hubby and I have been re-watching all of them and LOLing like crazy. I mean, his comedy is dated and not at all politically correct- be warned. But, it was the nostalgia that really got me. Stuck in the 60’s will forever be one of my favorite stand-ups of all time.

honey chai turmeric vitality yogi tea

7.) You know my love for tea runs deep and if I don’t have a cup in the afternoon or before bed, it’s not a typical day. My newest addition to my ever-growing collection is the Yogi Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality Tea. Give me all the turmeric/ginger infusions for my digestive issues- and this one is so warming and delicious. Turmeric is great for inflammation and I really do feel better when I drink a cup. I add a little almond milk to my cup when I make this blend and have a little chai latte. Yum!

midcentury chair makeover

8.) How in the world did I forget to share my Midcentury Modern chair makeover in my Top 10? It is definitely a favorite. She’s perfectly pink and a great addition to my office space. I’ll try to take photos of this completed space soon- I’m still working on styling my shelves and I have my eye out for an accent chair. But, otherwise it’s finished!

scented plug in

9.) I’m a sucker for all the nice smelling home products. Candles, plug-ins, wax-warmers, what have you. I found out that Better Homes and Gardens came out with their own fragrance oil diffuser plug in and now my kitchen smells like Spring! I got an adorable pineapple plug in (that’s also a night light) and the Spring Sunshine scent. I think my bathroom will be getting these new additions ASAP.

wedge booties

10.) I also snagged some super cute Time and Tru booties on a Wal Mart run this week- for $5! I made out like a bandit. Wal Mart is stepping up their style game. And I love a good deal. (Sorry I couldn’t link them because they were on clearance. But, check your local store!)

Tell me your faves from this week- what have you been loving?

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