Fun Dates to Take With Your Spouse

I’ve been trying to step up my marriage content- because my marriage is so important to me. As busy Moms we sometimes neglect our marriages, and we tend to put them on the back burner. But, even though it’s hard sometimes, we need to take time to feed our marriage.

That’s why This Messy Season and I teamed up to share some of our favorite date ideas. I know that sometimes dates with your spouse are few and far between and they can feel a little routine. So, here are a few ideas for dates you can have if you’re out of ideas.

Date Nights In

My Husband and I don’t really have a babysitter where we moved, so date nights out have been less of an option here. But, we don’t let that spoil our time together. We’ve perfected the date night in.

Sometimes that means we feed our kiddo mac and cheese for dinner, put him to bed early, and then eat something together. Light a few candles, dress up a little, order some delish takeout- or even cooking together can be fun. We put on some music and actually talk. We can savor our food without mopping up spills. This has been our choice for Valentine’s Day the last few years, and it’s always special and fun.

Movie Nights at home can also be stepped up by stopping off at the Movie Theater and picking up their delicious popcorn. Pick up all of your favorite candies at the Dollar Store, grab some soda and you’re set. The best parts about movie nights in- you can wear your pjs and pause the movie to pee anytime you want. (#momlife)

Road Trip Adventures

My favorite date is getting in the car, putting on a favorite playlist and driving together. Sometimes we go without a set plan- pick a direction and drive. We stop off to eat when something sounds yummy- or we’ll go to a previously chosen destination. But, I really like the spontaneity of just stopping somewhere new out of the blue. My favorite thing is trying out new coffee shops and perusing vintage stores. Anything that you enjoy doing together can be done on these little day trips. Explore somewhere new and date your spouse- win/win.

My Husband’s Choice

I asked my Husband his favorite types of dates for this post and I loved his suggestions. He said he likes dates that include some type of physicality- then he said, “whoa, whoa- get your mind out of the gutter.” Because he means activities like putt-putt golf, bowling, etc. {I would also add he loves attending sporting events together as well.} His next answer was a REALLY good one, and one that I’ve always enjoyed.

Serving Together

We love volunteering together. It feels good to work together for a purpose. We’re spending time together, serving together. It’s always special and fun. We’ve rang bells for the salvation army. We’ve volunteered at food pantries and homeless shelters. We just did Feed My Starving Children with out small group. We’re actually volunteering together this weekend as a family and I’m really looking forward to it! Give it a try!

The next date night I want to try is one of those date night boxes or doing a couples murder mystery party. {Group dates are another fun one to add.}

What are your favorite types of dates? How can we better work on our marriages? Leave your tips in the comments!

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