BookShark Level 1 Curriculum Final Thoughts – Mrs. Bishop

*As a BookShark Ambassador, I received the level 1 curriculum in exchange for sharing our journey with you. All opinions are my own.*

first day of level 1

We finished our 2nd year of homeschool this week. I remember how scary it felt when we first jumped onto the homeschool train last year. I was so nervous and really struggled with the fact that I wasn’t sure I would be able to teach my son. But, he thrived in Kindergarten. So, first grade seemed much less daunting.

I was able to begin this school year without the fear and anxiety that I experienced before Kindergarten, because I knew BookShark had my back. The Instructor’s Guide has become my new best friend. And though I’m able to pick and choose things that fit best with our family- it’s right there to guide me along. It helps me feel equipped to teach, even when I don’t feel confident.

Level 1

level 1 history
We really loved this A Child’s History of the World Book! It told pieces of history in a storybook sort of way that we both really enjoyed.

This year we did the Intro to World History with our level 1 curriculum– and I was amazed how in detail we went. I learned things that I don’t ever remember learning in school- so it was just as fun to teach for me. My son totally got a kick out of the fact that we were learning things together- and I think it made him like it that much more. I can’t wait to delve deeper in the History in level 2!

level 1 read alouds

Books Galore!

Like I’ve mentioned at least 10 timed before- we love all of the books that come with the curriculum. We’ve fallen in love with so many books together- and I’ve gotten to share some of my childhood favorite characters with my little boy. We’ve even expanded on some of the books and read more in the series because we enjoyed them so much. If BookShark doesn’t turn your whole family into readers- I don’t know what will! My husband has even gotten me to read to them in the car because he has enjoyed the stories so much.


The funny thing is- I think this year went even faster than last year. Because the teaching and learning has been so fun- it didn’t feel like work. Each day was a new adventure. And now that we’re 2 years into this homeschooling journey, and I have more confidence- it went even smoother.

I didn’t realize how much I would love sharing this journey with you. It has become part of who I am. I have literally been walking through Target, messaging back and forth with a Mom who was nervous about beginning her homeschool journey. I get dm’s and emails every single week from parents asking about BookShark and why we love it so much. It has been awesome sharing my thoughts and experience with my readers. And I cannot wait to see where this crazy homeschool journey takes us next.

Because of the fear in the beginning and the uncertainty, I wasn’t sure we would be all-in homeschoolers. But, after another successful year, I know we’re in it for the long haul!

last day of level 1

And BookShark keeps adding on even more fun activities and lapbooks to really increase your hands on experiences and make learning even more fun- so now is the time to jump on the homeschool bandwagon if you’ve been mulling it over. Summer goes by fast!

As always- I’m always here to answer your questions! {Don’t forget to check out how I use my homeschool planner and a tour of our first grade homeschool room.}

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