How to Survive When Your Husband is Out of Town – Mrs. Bishop

My Husband has been out of town, yet again, for work travel. I hate solo parenting- we’re such a good team, that when he’s gone I really miss the help. So, I definitely simplify our routine. I have a few things I almost always do when he’s gone- so I thought I’d share my tips with you. They’re not groundbreaking by any means, just a few small things I do to help the time pass until he’s back at home with us.

Lower Your Expectations

That means with cooking, cleaning, errands, etc. If i know in advance that my Husband is going to be gone- I get all of my errands out of the way when he’s still here. That way we don’t have to do as much running around while he’s away. I also majorly simplify dinners. We’re talking convenience foods. Carryout is even better. But, when he’s gone for an extended time we eat a lot of easy meals. When my son was younger I’d buy him those bags of pasta and veggies that you steam in the microwave and serve it with fruit. I would grab me a rotisserie chicken and a bag of salad and eat that for a couple of days. Because the less clean up, the better!

Initiate an Earlier Bedtime

That means for the both of you. I always put my son to bed a little earlier when Daddy is gone. We read a story, I tuck him in, and then I usually go ahead and do my bedtime routine as well. Then I settle down with some hot tea and a book. Or watch something on Netflix that my Husband wouldn’t be into. That’s the best time to watch all those chick flicks that I haven’t had time to watch yet- or when my Husband is out of town and not here to mock my choice of When Harry Met Sally, yet again.

Be the Fun Mom

Maybe we’ll eat ice cream before dinner. Or have a Disney movie marathon with a bowl of buttery popcorn. Play a stack of board games or race Mario Kart. Throwing the rules out the window and having a little fun sometimes helps us miss Daddy a little less. And it gives us a little quality mommy/son time together.

Host a Girl’s Night In

Call up your closest friends, and once your kids are tucked in, have everyone bring snacks and hang out in your pj’s and catch up with each other. This isn’t the time to make an elaborate meal or anything. Just some time to spend time with your girls and pass the time until your spouse gets back. Win-win.

Clean Up

Does anyone else find it easier to get the house clean when your Husband isn’t around to throw his dirty clothes next to the bed instead of the laundry basket? Just me?! But, seriously- since we’re eating easy meals and not being as messy, it’s easier for me to keep the house tidy. I have an odd tendency to move furniture around when my Husband is gone too, because that’s who I am… It’s also fun to have the house shiny and sparkling when the Hubby comes back home. This is ONLY for those of us with older kids who will aide in cleanup. If you’ve been stuck at home solo-parenting with a baby and a toddler, girl, do not clean. Go back to my first tip and lower those expectations. You kept the kids alive by yourself- give yourself a high five!

The older my son gets, the easier it has been when my Husband is gone. But, I still do all of these things. Share your tips with me in the comments- how do you survive when your partner is gone?

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