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{My bestie This Messy Season and I started a series together -Tuesday Top 10. In which we share 10 of our favorites from each week. These can be any 10 things that we’ve been loving, and I hope you keep tuning in to see what we come up with next! Some of these products may have been sent to me and these posts may contain affiliate links- thanks so much for helping support my blog and family! }

As I’ve been a mad-woman all week throwing together our final curriculum picks, prepping our homeschool room, and giving our bedroom a makeover- I didn’t think I’d have time for a favorites post this week. But, I HAD to make it happen because there are SO many things that I’m loving right now. I’m not going to number them this week, because there may not be 10 favorites- but I’ll categorize them.

Home Decor Favorites

Like I said, we decided to give our bedroom a makeover since we had a whole mattress debacle. I won’t get too much into it- but we got the wrong one that we didn’t order. And we’ve been sleeping in the guest room. So, we thought why NOT go ahead and paint. Then you paint and think- man we need new furniture/bedding/fixtures/accessories. Am I right?! But, I’ve been loving the few little changes that we have made so far, and there’s PLENTY more to come!


So, my favorites for my room makeover so far include, the paint. I chose the color Dovetail from Sherwin Williams. It’s a great medium-neutral gray. I wanted it to still have brown-ish undertones since our carpet is shades of brown and my curtains that I still love are tan. We ordered a navy headboard to match my vanity (which we stayed up super late last night, installing)- so the color needed to accent those as well. I think it ended up being the perfect shade for our room makeover, and I smile every time I go in there now.

blush pink bedding

I am also OBSESSED with the blush pink bedding I picked out. My SAINT of a Hubby let me put pink bedding in our room- I mean, I should probably owe him big time? But, it looks gorgeous in there. Also- I scored it for $50 at TJ Maxx making it an absolute steal!

I also have to give a shout out to the California King Zinus hybrid mattress that we bought. I was worried about purchasing a mattress online. But, this one is amazing! (NOT SPONSORED) It is the perfect blend between spring and memory foam, and I’ve never been more comfortable in bed. Also, it doesn’t squeak when I roll over and wake my Hubby up and vice versa. Which our poor old, 12 year old broken down queen mattress did.

There will be lots more details on my bedroom makeover in the near future!

Beauty Favorites

pacifica beauty products

On my birthday I grabbed the Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation and their Cherry Velvet Matte Setting Powder from Ulta. I had to switch up my makeup routine thanks to some fresh skin flare ups- and I’m LOVING this combination! The 32 WL matched my skin almost perfectly. And the setting powder leaves my face velvet-y soft. And since it’s matte, it’s helping keep me from looking too shiny and greasy in this heat. I think I’ll grab the Crystal Rays Luminous Setting Powder for the dry, winter months next time I’m in the store. I have loved pretty much every product I’ve tried from Pacifica because they’re more natural and affordable. So, they’re always one of my favorites.

Fashion Favorites

I have found a new clothing brand that I’m obsessed with for jeans- Democracy Clothing’s ‘Ab-Solution Jeans’. I’ve been purchasing them at TJ Maxx- and I now own a pair of their pants and shorts. The way they fit is perfect and helps hold everything in nicely. No muffin tops here! I also saw them at a smaller boutique near here. I’m hooked. I’ll be purchasing every pair I see in the near future. They make me feel confident and my butt actually looks good in them! (Sorry no pics- but I’ll share on IG next time I’m wearing them!)

I’ve gotten some cute new clothing pieces from my fave boutique this week, and from a weekend shopping spree that I’ll be sharing ASAP too!

What have you been loving this week?!

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