Coming Along! – Mrs. Bishop

Here’s an update on the living room- we got our couch last night and I already love the way it looks. The trim is painted and ready to be put up, and we changed out all the old light sockets and light switches. All we need now is to find a rug and new curtains! We should get our tax check sometime next week, so then we’re also getting a new t.v.! Woo hoo!!!

There’s the new layout, the trim is laying on that canvas tarp that is taking up half the floor! lol

My cat really enjoyed his new couch!!!



The light sockets before and after (we also put new covers on them, just no pics). Some were really painted up and awful looking, there were also some random brown ones thrown in. It’s crazy how such a little, inexpensive change can make such an impact on the room as a whole. We also changed the light switch covers, they look MUCH better as well- everything is nice and uniform!
Can’t wait to start decorating and find a new rug and curtains, I’ve got my eyes open, so if you have any suggestions………

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