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Captain’s Log- Day 15 of not leaving the house. Here in Indiana we’ve been under ‘Shelter in Place’ for almost a week now. Life is a little weird. We got our comfortable existence pulled out from under us, and getting our footing again is taking time. We’re all homeschoolers now- which feels so strange. But, it’s also not how we normally school either. It’s a new normal for us ALL. I could sit here and make a huge list of all of the things wrong in the world at this moment. But, I’m not going to do that. I want to share the encouraging- the good and beautiful things I’ve seen in the midst of all of this tragedy.

A Few Good Things

I have seen families come together! Spending more time talking and sharing with one another. Actually taking the time to have hot, sit down family meals. Every nice day in our neighborhood, all the families are taking walks together, riding bikes, getting outside together. I didn’t even know there were this many families in our neighborhood! I’d never seen them outside together before. And that’s encouraging- this time is hard, job uncertainity and the fear of getting sick. But, parents are pulling together and trying to make this a memorable time with their kids for other reasons. We’ve inadvertently been given the gift of time. And though it’s not how any of us wanted to obtain it- it’s still there. Let’s try to make the best of it.

Sports and events have been cancelled around the globe. But, amazingly all of those creatives have come together to offer their services digitally for all of us! We can hop on the internet and catch a concert, a free class-celebrities and ordinary people sharing their talents with us! The technology we have is an amazing gift! If this would’ve happened even 30 years ago I truly believe it would’ve been much harder for people…because at least now we have a way to keep connected. We can facetime Grandparents and message friends instantaneously- and for that I am SO grateful.

I’ve seen groups of people stand up volunteer their time and skill to sew masks for doctors and nurses short on supply. Breweries have switched to making hand sanitizer and car companies have began manufacturing medical equipment. Individuals and companies all over have come together to support each other in their time of need and that is beautiful!

I know it’s hard and it’s scary. My anxiety has been all over the place. But, I truly hope and believe that good things may come of this too. Families will learn to spend more time together. We will appreciate the small things and take less for granted. Each night I still pray for BIG miracles- that we wake up and this epidemic will end. But, until then- keep it up! Keep up the good things too!

Leave me a comment and share something good you’ve seen in the midst of all this!

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