A great double date – Mrs. Bishop

Tonight the hubby and I went on a great double date with his sister and her fiancee. We had a really great time. We started out the night with Outback Steakhouse for dinner- their bloomin’ onions are AWESOME! Then we went to see the movie, Red. It’s an action-comedy, and it really had us all cracking up. I’m more of a romantic-comedy girl myself, but the men loved the action, and my sister in law and I couldn’t stop laughing. Then, hubby and I stopped off at Starbucks and grabbed a salted caramel hot chocolate. They’re really bad for you, and I’ve been eating healthy all week, but it was the perfect end to a really great evening.It’s like fall in a cup. It got really cold today, how ironic since I just posted how uncharacteristically warm it has been. I love chilly fall nights though.
Speaking of my sister in law- she is getting married in February, and I go in two weeks to be fitted  for my bridesmaid dress. I’m really excited, the dresses she picked out are really cute. A little short though, so I’ll need to be exercising hard core and hitting up the tanning bed! Heehee. I’m really excited to be her bridesmaid. She and I have become a lot closer this year, and it’s been great to see her more often. My hubby and her fiancee have become quite close as well. The only thing that worries me about the bridesmaid dresses is that hubby and I start our first round of clomid next month. Clomid is a pill used in the case of infertility to make you ovulate. I’m really excited about it, but worried if I get pregnant, my bridesmaid dress won’t fit. I’ll be super happy to have that excuse though.
Speaking of clomid…this is my first time taking any sort of medication like that. We are really anxious to start a family, and have been unlucky in it so far. They think I have PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a disease, or a hormone imbalance. It makes it super hard to conceive. We conceived on our own last year and lost the baby at about 8 or 9 weeks. I can’t believe it has been a year and a half already since we suffered our loss. I still have a little trouble with it, but our faith is strong and is getting us through. We are super excited about taking these new measures to conceive. So, instead of worrying about that bridesmaids dress, I’m hoping that I’ll have the dilemma of it not fitting, praying that there will be a baby growing inside of me.

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