Teaching About Elections with the BookShark US Elections Lap Book

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It’s an election year- in case you hadn’t noticed. You can’t turn on the television or drive through your neighborhood without seeing something about it. As a Mother to a 3rd grader, I get endless amounts of questions about what all of the hullaballoo is about. “What’s an election?” “Why do we have elections?” “Can I vote?” These kinds of questions are great if you’re a homeschooling parent, because they open up a lot of teaching opportunities. But, sometimes it’s difficult trying to figure out where to start.

That’s where the BookShark US Elections Lap Book comes in!

US Elections Lap Book Kit

This all in one kit comes complete with 21 different hands-on activities that help teach your children about the election process. It’s recommended for ages 8+ and it has been perfect for my 3rd grader. There are some things we don’t delve as deep into, to keep up with his understanding level, but it has been an excellent tool to help me teach him all about elections.

open US Elections Lap Book Kit

The kit includes instructions and most all of the items needed for the 21 projects, which cover everything from the Electoral College, political parties, the branches of government, suffrage, and more! I love that pretty much everything you need is included- even tape and glue! All we’ve had to use other than what comes in the kit is a pencil and a stapler.

I’ve just been adding one project a week to our Homeschool curriculum and it has been a welcome addition each week. Your children will use writing skills, art- cutting, gluing, coloring, and researching on each subject. It’s amazing for kids like mine who love hands-on and tactile projects. And it’s been a breeze for me to teach!

teaching the US elections Lap Book

Each week we read a little bit of information from our U.S Elections booklet (which was the first project we did!) and work on the projects together. My son can do pretty much any of the projects on his own- with occasional help cutting smaller pieces from me. It’s a lot of fun- and we’re both learning a little bit! (Which I’ve mentioned SO many times before, is my favorite part about teaching with BookShark. We learn together!)

Each project takes us maybe 20 minutes to do, and they have sparked so many great conversations on the subject. From the reasons our country votes the way it does, discussing the different political parties, and even the importance of voting. My high school senior project was on the importance of voting and the election process- so this has been extra special for me to get to teach to my little guy.

If you’ve been interested in teaching voting in your homeschool classroom, and you’re not sure where to start- give the US Elections Lap Book Kit a try! You don’t have to order a full curriculum- the kit can be purchased on its own. So even if BookShark isn’t your main teaching tool, I highly recommend this as a supplement for your classroom.

boy posing with the US Elections Lap Book

I’m all about making everything a learning opportunity- and teaching about this process during an actual election year has made it extra beneficial. I’m sure that what I’m teaching will stick a little better, since it’s so relevant to what’s going on around us right now. Let me know how you’re teaching about elections in the comments! And message me if you have any questions about the Lap Book or need more suggestions!

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