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It’s funny, because now that we’re officially all-in homeschoolers, and not just mulling it over- it has become a part of who we are. When we found out we were moving to Little Rock last Spring, and started looking for a new house, we had to take that part of our lives into consideration. We’re homeschoolers, so we needed a homeschool classroom. It was just by chance that our last house had an extra living space that we were able to utilize as a school room. But, this time we were looking for more of an actual room where most of our schooling could take place- at least one where we could keep all of our school supplies and materials.

When we toured what would become our new home for the first time, I knew that this space would be perfect for our needs. Yes, it is a smaller space than we were used to, but only schooling one child- we didn’t need as big of one as we had before. It has ample storage and lots of shelves in the closet and lots of fun shelving and nooks and crannies for all of our stuff. Homeschooling comes with many accessories, and I’m a huge fan of being able to have them out and at the ready, as much as possible.

homeschool classroom, seating


When you enter our classroom, we have comfy seating for all types of learning. Bean bags, arm chairs, a loveseat, and our school table. Steven has even set up a reading area underneath the table, complete with lights that he can push off and on. I’m not going to lie- a lot of days I’m reading aloud from the love seat while he sprawls on the floor. So, comfort is a must!

classroom table, bookshelves

We brought the same school table that we used in our old house (I just gave her a new paint job). On top I keep the books we’ll be using for the week ahead, as well as our binders with all of our main curriculum. I’ve shared before how we use these binders with our Homeschool curriculum. I also have a lovely Lego pencil holder that Steven made, a crayon caddy, and another little bin with scissors, glue sticks, tape, etc.

It’s always good to have these things at our fingertips so we’re not searching for them during our lessons. I’ve learned to ALWAYS have lots of sharpened pencils at the ready, because kids are notorious pencil droppers- by the end of the day there are at least 3-4 of them on the floor. They are also really good at saying, “I cant fiiiiiind it”. Hence having supplies prepped and ready when possible. We use our dry erase board every single day, and the cork board is great for displaying projects and reference materials.


If you have the space, a big bookshelf is a must in my opinion. We keep all of our school related Science and History texts on the bottom shelf. Other reference books on the next shelf up. Then third from the bottom is fun picture books and independent readers. The 2nd from the top is all chapter books, and the top shelf is book series. We’ve acquired massive amounts of books with our curriculum, from thrift stores, friends, and frequent bookstore trips. But, having a large supply of books makes me heart happy. And has been very convenient during lockdowns and closures.

closet, computer area

To the right of the seating area is my son’s computer work station, the closet (which is in need of some organization so I didn’t show it off…) and our art cart.

computer workstation, curriculum shelves

I loved this little work station as soon as I saw it. Steven uses both his desktop and laptop (for coding) in this space, pretty much every single day. The bookshelves on the bottom contain the workbooks and read-alouds that came with our curriculum so that they don’t get mixed into the other books. Once our school year is over, I’ll move them to the main bookshelf. There are also his Nintendo Labo kits, a few books he reads often, and some of the board games that we use during lessons. It’s been a really convenient space, and I’m glad this room had this area!

Art Cart

art cart

Our Art Cart has extra colored pencils, markers, scissors, paints, DIY kits, paper, clay, and pretty much all the messy art supplies that we use during some school days. We’ve got origami paper, flash cards, and stickers on here as well. Sometimes it becomes a catch-all. But, these types of carts are some of my favorites for storing supplies without taking up lots of space.

t.v. wall and extra storage and shelving

This back wall and shelving unit were already here- and God bless the former owners of this house for putting it in! It was perfect for a t.v. where we watch our Science videos- and for when Steven wants to hang out and watch a movie alone or with friends. It stores our videogame systems- because we’re a nerdy Nintendo family, and even has room to house our kid friendly movies and hey- more books! Steven likes to display his Lego creations- like his giant rollercoaster…and where else would this massive thing fit? It’s a fun area with lots of functions, and I’m so thankful for it.

classroom table and wall boards

Homeschool Classroom

The room comes full circle back to our table and here our homeschool classroom tour is complete! Like I said, it’s a much smaller space than we were used to- but I really think we’ve got it outfitted to fit our needs and it will grow and change as Steven gets older. I hope to hang up a big map on this wall and maybe more shelves for more books, someday. But, right now we’re loving this space. Did I want to hide a lot of this stuff for the photos? Maybe, but it’s all stuff we use and I wanted you to see the reality of where everything lives. However, I did vacuum for you- haha!

Do I think you need a dedicated homeschool classroom to make homeschooling possible? Of course not! You can homeschool successfully from your kitchen table, couch, or even floor! But, I am thankful we have this area that has become a fun room for learning or even just hanging out!

Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know about our Homeschool classroom or how we use it each day. And thank you so much for following along on this crazy journey with us!

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