Raising Grateful Kids


  I've mentioned on my social media accounts that I'm apart of Kristen Welch's {We Are That Family} Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World Launch Team, but haven't written about it here. Especially during this Harried Holiday Season, it's hard to see past the pile of, yet to be wrapped, gifts....and into the hearts of our … [Read more...]

Hot Tot Style


  This season you're going to be attending a lot of Holiday parties, shindigs, get togethers, cookie swaps, and on and on. And, on most days my Toddler's hair looks like this: (I wish you could see the back- cowlick city!) So, when I'm dressing him up for all of these functions, I like to make it seem like we're at least a little … [Read more...]

Boy Mom Gift Guide

ToddlerGift Guide

  Lincoln Logs/BabyLit/Dinosaurs/Peanuts/Hot Wheels/Don't Break the Ice/Dry Erase/Lego Duplo/Vtech I couldn't do a week of Gift Guides without sharing my Little Man's picks. I'm sharing with you his most beloved playthings, in hopes that it will help you find gifts for your little men (or ladies). 1.) Lincoln Logs have been around … [Read more...]

Toddler Halloween Costumes


  Last week on Mommy Monday:Halloween I shared some of my favorite Baby Halloween Costumes. This week we're moving on to slightly older kids, and I'm sharing my favorite Toddler Halloween Costumes. First off, I have to share what my Little Guy is going as this year. If you ask him what he's going to be for Halloween, he already knows. My … [Read more...]

Mommy Monday Guest Post #1


I've decided to start reaching out to my fellow Mommy Bloggers to have them guest post on some Mommy Monday's with me. Meet my very first guest, Stephanie!   Good morning! Thank you so much Stephanie for having me today! I am really excited to share some potty training tips with your readers this morning. Let me introduce myself before I … [Read more...]

So Easy a Toddler Can Do It…


I didn't do a Mommy Monday post, since yesterday was a holiday and I chose to veg out and hang out with my little fam- but I still have some "mom-vice" to share with you this week... How to get your toddler to help you clean! My little guy is 3 1/2 and he helps out more and more as he gets bigger. We started out with the little … [Read more...]

Monthly Book Review- BabyLit Books


This month's review is a little different (and a little late), as I'm sharing a review of several books. And, instead of reviewing a book I read, I'm posting about some that my little guy read. Have you ever heard of BabyLit books? If you have a baby/toddler and you haven't heard of them- go check them out! As a total bibliophile, I was so … [Read more...]

Why I Sometimes Tell My Toddler He’s on His Own


  Our generation parents a lot differently than the generation before us. Yes, we've learned a lot about toddler development in the last few years. We know more about screen time and more activities to help our toddlers prepare for the school years. More about the "right" foods to feed them, books to read to them, lessons to teach … [Read more...]

Staying Sane on Long Car Rides


  Welcome Back to Mommy Monday- your weekly dose of tips and tricks that help make life, as a Mommy to a toddler, a little easier! This week we're talking about riding in cars with...toddlers. My family has a slight advantage here, because my little guy has become an expert at long car rides...all of his surgeons/doctors are about … [Read more...]

Sensitive Toddler Skin


Let's talk about toddlers with sensitive skin... It's hard. I have psoriasis and eczema, and my husband has skin issues, so I knew it would likely be an issue when we had kids...and guess what? It was. So, after trying product after product, only to find my sons skin breaking out in yet another mysterious rash, I was done. I started … [Read more...]