Fellow Moms

Finding Fellow Moms

The other night I went to meet with some fellow Homeschooling Mommas in our community. As we were all getting settled, and introducing ourselves, I came to a funny realization. Whenever Moms meet each other for the first time, the second question we ask each other is, "How many kids do you have?" Every single time. Name, then how many kids do you … [Read more...]

Our Homeschool Journey with Bookshark

Our Homeschool Journey with Bookshark

When we decided to homeschool earlier this year- we had a huge decision to make. What curriculum should we use?I think this it the question that plagues homeschool parents the most. We want so badly to teach our children in the best way possible- but there are literally hundreds of options, maybe more. It can be SO overwhelming. I was on the hunt, … [Read more...]

Finding Our New Normal

Finding Our New Normal

As you may have seen from my many social media posts- I started homeschooling my little Kindergartner this week. First of all, how he is old enough to be in school is beyond me. They're not kidding when they say time flies! Second, I haven't been as active on here, because I am trying to find my new normal. That of teacher, mother, housewife, … [Read more...]

Loving Those That Hate

Loving Those That Hate

There are terrible things happening in our world right now. Vile, awful displays of hatred. Not only are they happening in the world, right now they're taking place right on our doorstep. Sometimes as an 'influencer', I know others look to gauge our reactions. I try to stay out of world affairs and politics- most of the time they don't tend to … [Read more...]

Of Mess and Moxie


I haven't posted a book review in awhile, but I had to share this treasure with you. As you may know, I am a bit of a fangirl for my friend Jen Hatmaker. She speaks so much truth, but does it with such humor and conviction that you want to sit at her feet and listen to everything she has to say. Of Mess and Moxie is just that. A … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites

Friday Fashion Faves

It's Friday! Woot woot! We made it through another week, and if you're anything like me- you're ready to have a glass of wine in your hand, hair in a messy bun, and pants optional. I've been wanting to share some of my current favorite things with you- and what better day than the best day of the week?! First off, these adorable, and even … [Read more...]

Jord Feature and Giveaway

Jord Giveaway

My Husband got a huge promotion last year. His hard work paid off, and he is killin' it at the office. We even moved because of his job last month- and I couldn't be more proud of him! Ever since he got the promotion, I have been looking for a nice watch for him. I told him all professionals need a power-watch. A piece that stands out and … [Read more...]

Compass Modern Stefani Bench

Compass Modern Stefani Bench (1)

I've been promising a family room tour- and it's coming! But, first I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces in the room- one that I searched forever for. I knew I wanted a bench in front of this window. But, I really enjoy the view and the natural light that the window lets in. I wanted the bench to have a back, but most were too high … [Read more...]

Favorite Gatlinburg Spots

Gatlinburg Faves

It's the last day of Gatlinburg week- and I hope I didn't wear you out too much talking about our adventures. But, on this last day I just wanted to share with you a few little places around town that we loved. The Village: Right off of Parkway, the main drag through Gatlinburg, there is this adorable little place. It boasts shops and some … [Read more...]

Ober Gatlinburg

Ober Gatlinburg

Are you sick of hearing about our Gatlinburg getaway yet? I hope not! Because I am loving getting to share with you all of the traveling we did. This next place we went to was a family favorite for sure. Ober Gatlinburg was quite the adventure- a ski area and amusement park that sits atop one of Gatlinburg's numerous mountains, it was fun for … [Read more...]