Our Trip to the Louisiana Purchase State Park

This year in our Homeschool History curriculum we learned all about early U.S. History. I was researching places to visit near our new home and saw that we live less than 2 hours from Louisiana Purchase State Park– literally days after we had just learned all about the Louisiana Purchase! Destiny!

Lousiana Purchase State Park sign

When I read that it was “just a plaque in a swamp” I was worried that it wouldn’t be worth the drive. But, it totally was! It was a gorgeous ‘swamp’, with wildlife everywhere and so much to see!

Nature’s Beauty

We saw snakes, turtles, and all sorts of birds and insects. (Maybe pack some bug spray). But walking along the elevated wooden boardwalk allowed us to view all of nature’s beauty without disturbing it. It was like stepping into a different world. So surreal and strangely beautiful!

I also loved that there were little plaques spread throughout the walk, with little tidbits of history, information about the plants and animals, etc. This made it the perfect Homeschool field trip. Or just a really cool place to spend an hour or so.

The boardwalk ended at the big monument that marks theĀ initial point from which all surveys of property acquired through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 originated.

Louisiana Purchase survey marker monument

I was a little teary eyed getting to see this tiny slice of our Nation’s history. With this purchase, much of our country was gained- including the state in which we now reside. It was just a really cool thing to see and it was perfect that it coincided with our Homeschool lessons.

me and my son in front of the monument

I hope next time family visits, we get to take them to this historical and beautiful place. It’s just a short walk, but with plenty to see!

National Historic Landmark plaque

Other Stops

On our way home we also stopped at a really small restaurant in a tiny town called CR Smalls and Company and had the most delicious, down-home food! I got the Fried Green Tomato BLT- yum! And my Hubby nommed down some chicken gizzards- which normally I would say “yuck!” about. But, they were actually delicious!

If you’re in Arkansas, and looking for a cool little day trip- head down to Brinkley and stop at the Louisiana Purchase State Park, and Palestine for lunch!

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