Cranio Update! – Mrs. Bishop

Whew- we’ve had a busy week with a lot of hospital visits. Nothing emergency, just Baby B’s 4 month post op appointments. According to his plastic surgeon, he couldn’t be happier with Baby B’s head shape. So glad to hear that, because 4 months ago, there was a huge concern. We go back to meet with the plastic surgeon again in 3 months, just around the time his dissolveable plates start to go away. The neurosurgeon said about the same thing…said he’s looking great, and he seems to be coming right along. We don’t have to go back to the neurosurgeon for 6 months! That’ll be around the time the dissolveable plates are completely gone. He said to expect Baby B’s head to sprout little bumps here and there, which is just fluid build up from the plates dissolving and that they’ll go away fairly quickly. Hope he’s not all lumpy/bumpy when his 1st birthday rolls around.

So glad to hear good news from both Dr.’s. After these next appointments we will only have to see one of them every 6 months. That’s just once a year for both of them. That’s music to my ears considering we’ve been making the 2-2 1/2 hour drive up there several times a month since Baby B was born. Baby B also finished off his last dose of seizure meds 2 days ago, and seems to be doing great. Could it be possible that for the first time ever I have a perfectly healthy baby boy?! What an answer to so, so, so many prayers!

We did have to get referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist and a geneticist, but just both as precautions. Kids with cranio sometimes had a lot of pressure on their eyes pre-surgery, so may require glasses at a young age. And, they just want to see if his cranio was because of a genetic defect, because if it is he may have the possibility of passing it onto his children. Hoping to hear good news from these Dr.’s too. Keep Baby B in your prayers- so amazing watching him grow!

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