Tuesday Top 10 #8 – Things I’m Loving: Mrs. Bishop

I took last week off- not only from Top 10, but EVERYTHING…and it was GLORIOUS! But, I’m back at it this week, and hopefully on top of things after a much needed break.

{My bestie This Messy Season and I started a series together -Tuesday Top 10. In which we share 10 of our favorites from each week. These can be any 10 things that we’ve been loving, and I hope you keep tuning in to see what we come up with next! Some of these products may have been sent to me and these posts may contain affiliate links- thanks so much for helping support my blog and family! }

top10 8

Without rattling on- let’s just get down to this week’s Top 10. The things that I’ve been loving/using/reading/eating, what have you.

Top 10


1.) Did you see this gorgeous orchid I posted on my Insta? Only $4 in the clearance section. It’s brought a little life to my front room and I love the color. Give me all the flowers and c’mon Spring!

lego storage

2.) This Lego Storage solution that I came up with for my son’s room has been a literal foot-saver. No more stepping on loose bricks!

lip balm

3.) I always keep a lip balm on my vanity that I spread on my lips before I do my makeup. This Dr. Bronner’s one joined my lineup this week and I LOVE it. I really like that it’s not scented or pigmented. Just nice and clear, it has been saving my chapped, dry lips this week.

midcentury chair

4.) I shared a sneak peek at my new vintage midcentury modern chair I got in one of my favorite small towns to thrift from last week. It’s SO retro and I love it! It’s a little dented and cracked- but it’s all character that I love. She’s going to get a paint job ASAP and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

5.) My ‘place’ I’m going to share this week is this adorable Amish Store about 20 minutes from our house. Swiss Maid has hands down THE BEST Blueberry donuts I’ve ever had in my life. I also always stock up on their cinnamon bread and whatever lunch meat is on sale at the meat counter. The people who run it are the nicest ever- and when you’re checking out they always give you a free donut. That’s customer service I can get behind!

books week 8

6.) I’m reading like 8 books right now, because I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t. But, these 2 have been on the top of my list this week. I’ve liked every book from Mary Kubica that I’ve read so far, and as far as I’ve read in this one- When the Lights Go Out…it’s got me intrigued. I’m all about a good mystery. And if you’re looking for a nice devotional type book, I’m really enjoying Whispers and Wildflowers. It’s a nice way to start my day.

liner and mascara

7.) I’m OBSESSED with this Maneater Mascara and Eyeliner that came in my Sweet Escape Collector’s Set. Because Spring and allergies go hand and hand I’ve been laying off of shadow and just doing a liner/mascara combo and I’m loving this one. This eyeliner STAYS PUT all day long. Even when I’m rubbing my eyes. The mascara runs a little, but not enough to really bother me. They make a nice combo.

8.) I know, I know it’s only March but yes, I’m already planning out my curriculum and homeschool extras for next year. It’s just SO fun to decide what we’re going to learn about. We’re gonna stick with our main BookShark and order some other extras from some other places. (Rainbow Resource is one of my favorite sites to use!) If you homeschool, you know the curriculum hoarding can be real. And you get a little rush from ordering ALL THE THINGS!

9.) We haven’t been watching a ton of shows lately, but we did start The Umbrella Academy on Netflix this week. I thought my Hubby would enjoy it- and we’re only 3 episodes in. But, I think it’s going to be interesting.

10.) Can we talk about how much I loathe that first day after Daylight Savings but how much I LOVE seeing the sun?! This time of year is iffy for me and March is always particularly cruel to my body and allergies. But, we’ve had a lovely couple of days and I’m praying that these warmer, sunnier days stick around!

What have you been loving this week? Got any suggestions for me- especially on shows, podcasts, or books for my never-ending to-read pile?

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